Friday, December 30, 2016

Christmas Week Fave Five

Merry Christmas Week!  Are you tired and overwhelmed from all the festivities?  It's time to stop, breathe, relax, and count your blessings.  I've been away from home a long time. But this week most of our family was together to celebrate.  Only Chaplain Dan and his wife and PAL were missing although we were able to Skype with them on Christmas Day.  Here are my Friday Fave Five blessings from this week.

1.  Everyone was hoping for a White Christmas.  Me?  I'm thankful we DIDN'T have one.

2.  My gift from my son (we draw names among the adults since we really don't need more stuff) was a subscription to  I am a truly happy mommy.

3.  But my absolute favorite present was a book The Professor knew I wanted because I had checked it out of the library numerous times and devoured it cover to cover.  He totally surprised me!

4.  I have been deeply touched by the friendliness and loving care of my daughter's friends who have helped provide meals, cleaning sessions, respite care (ie: babysitting), transportation.  They have a wonderful support group and that makes my mommy's heart so happy.

5.  I am still working my way through the photos I took in England.  Slowly.  Here are two of my favorite people in London.


Ann said...

ALWAYS fun to get a new book you've wanted!! Mine was from my daughter - Birds of the Carolinas, which just came out a few months ago.

Jerralea said...

Welcome back! It's good to be home, isn't it?

What a blessing to get gifts that speak to who you really are! I'm sure you are going to enjoy both those gifts all year.

Knowing our children has a support group is one of the best feelings!

ellen b said...

Wonderful wrap up of blessings. I'm glad good friends could come to the rescue for daughter. I'll have to email you soon about our trip to Cali in January.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like an excellent day and nice gifts! So glad of your daughter's thoughtful friends and their ministrations.

A Joyful Cottage said...

I lived in Southern California for almost 20 years and missed not having snow for Christmas. We often drove up to Lake Arrowhead and stayed in a cabin at Christmas time just to experience the white Christmases I remember as a child. It just isn't Christmas to me without snow, so I'm glad I once again live where snow at Christmas is normal. Looks like you had a nice Christmas.

Gracie Saylor said...

Your new book looks interesting, and I imagine your use of will be as well. I'm so glad you have had good times with loved ones, and no snow since you did not want any. Most of our snow is coving Mt. Hood :)