Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An England Adventure, Part 4

Because we had so enjoyed Avebury, the next morning after our Avebury countryside adventure, we reluctantly boarded a bus and rode to Dorchester.  We were looking forward to two nights in this town which is famous for various neolithic and Roman ruins and for being the home of British author Thomas Hardy.  Also, we had a personal contact there--The World's Best Neighbors' brother and sister-in-law reside there.  So we had a great recommendation for a Bed and Breakfast location from them.

As soon as we arrived in Dorchester, we walked to the BnB.  On the way, we passed Maumbury Ring and knew we would have to return and explore this Neolithic henge turned Roman amphitheatre.  Then we walked by an old cemetery.  Same reaction.  We checked in to our BnB and met the delightful owners.  If you are ever traveling to Dorchester and need a place to stay there, I can happily and absolutely recommend Aquila Heights BnB!  Derek and Wendy were the best!

Anyway, we quickly settled our backpacks in our room and then took off to explore.  First stop:  Maumbury Ring!  For all you other history geeks, here is the link to more information about Maumbury Ring.

Can you imagine living in a place where ancient ruins are simply where you walk your dogs??

We walked on into the center of town past houses

and chimney pots

and broken doors

and churches

with fascinating doors.

Even the library and city government center is surrounded by history!  

A remembrance circle

and The Roman Walk which is a tree lined path that follows the perimeter of what is believed to be the Roman town of Durnovaria (Dorchester).  Here is a link to information about The Roman Walk.

I just had to snap this artsy shot of a teenage boy reading by the window in the library!

It was getting late and dark, so we grabbed some dinner and headed back to the BnB.  My daughter elected to rest and sleep, and I spent a couple of hours enjoying a visit with World's Best Neighbors' relatives.  The next day there would be So. Much. More. History. to discover!


Jill Foley said...

Beautiful and so picturesque.

If you are interested in reading the book by Efrem Smith, I'd be happy to send it to you.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Very artsy photograph, indeed. You have a great eye. The emerald green grass is just stunning. Old doors are one of my favorite things to photograph. So much character. Thanks for sharing. xo

Faith said...

Love the photos especially the 2nd one down. LOVE it!! how fun to read this!!

Anonymous said...

i loved living near history in Spain - so long ago now. I'm glad you are posting these beautiful pictures and experiences. I truly enjoy them. Mary

ellen b said...

I'm still so happy you and daughter made it to England together for this great trip. Clicking over to the B&B...