Friday, February 24, 2017

Friday Fave Fives, End of February

Happy Friday!  I have been participating in Friday Fave Five for a long time.  I appreciate the opportunity to focus on and share what I am thankful for.  Here is the link to Susanne's blog where you can find out more if you too want to join us.

1.  Around here, we watch the weather with avid interest.  This winter, we have had lots of rain!  And we are thankful that even our county is now coming out of drought and returning to 'normal'.  I don't think I will EVER take rain for granted again.  EVER.

2.  I love to walk and this week we walked in two beautiful place.  First was our neighborhood.  All the rain we've had produced waterfalls!  Yes, we totally geek out about waterfalls here because they fill and fall only after enough rain.  All three of these falls are on the mountain directly above our neighborhood.

Where does all that water end up?
Here:  in the golf course ponds.
And on the golf course--causing flooding of the paths.
I LOVE living here!

3.  After tutoring on Wednesday, I decided to catch a quick walk at the beach.  The waves were high and were crashing on the end of the jetty which protects the harbor.  I'm thankful I live so near the sea.

This statue stands at the end of the path at the jetty.

The lifeguard hut waiting for summer

4. I was able to attend a one day seminar on promoting health.  The focus was on diet--specifically eating a whole food, plant based diet and how that positively affects your health.  I have been on this journey for several years, but I gain new incentive to continue.

5.  I started my very first tapestry loom piece.  For a while now I have been interested in learn to weave tapestry and promised myself that after I retired, I would do it.  I wanted a way to weave that didn't involved a huge loom which overwhelmed our cottage.  A guild friend offered to help me, so this week I took my 12" x 14" homemade (by another friend's husband) frame, some random yarn and this is what I have so far:

Yes, that is painter's tape.  I don't want to invest much money in equipment until I am sure I want to pursue this art form.  I am thankful for the opportunity (and time) to explore fiber arts.


Paula said...

What beautiful views you have to enjoy! I think walks near the water would be my pick. Kudos to you for attempting to learn how to loom. I hope you will share the finished project. Enjoy your weekend!

Barbara H. said...

Wow, how neat to have enough rain for waterfalls! And I do envy your living close enough to the sea to visit it at will. That tapestry looks nice! It's neat to have a way to try it out without the big loom.

Faith said...

Oh I just love that ocean picture! so glad your drought is over!
We love hiking to waterfalls and actually I have a patch for my hiking backpack that was earned from completing an Adirondack. waterfall hiking challenge. it was loads,of fun! took me three years to complete it but was so much fun hiking into the woods in search of those falls!

Your tapestry is so really seem to be enjoying your retirement, as you should!

I am also going more plant based and i love it. I have been exploring some new recipes too so my vegan daughter is happy.

enjoy whatever the weekend brings.

ellen b said...

Those waterfalls are great and look at all the green. Love to see green on California hillsides! Glad you got a walk on the beach, too!

Wendy said...

Lovely photos. It must be such a relief to have enough rain for the waterfals.

snoopydogknits said...

Your weaving is beautiful! I love the subtle blend of colours. So to are those magnificent shots of the countryside and waterfalls. So beautiful! We have suffered the effects of a raging Storm Doris here in the UK, but today all is calm and the crocuses have begun to appear. Spring is just around the corner. x

nikkipolani said...

Look at all that glorious rain! I was telling a colleague how our last rain-year yielded not even five inches. In her climate, they can get that in a day and can't imagine any place so dry.

Glad you're having fun experimenting with your make-shift loom. I like the abstract-ish landscape look of your first project.

Jerralea said...

So glad you have rain and your drought is ending! Takes times like that to help us appreciate our "normal" times.

I love hearing when people who retire get to do some of the projects they have been planning. Gives us all hope! ;)

Susanne said...

I love the colors in your tapestry. And I love waterfalls. How nice that you can look at that one on the mountain above your neighborhood. Yay for the rains that put it there.

A Joyful Cottage said...

Your tapestry is looking great! It's really going to be beautiful. I hope you're enjoying it. You do live in a beautiful place. I would love to live near the ocean. Sadly, I don't think it will ever happen. It's nice to dream, though. Have a great week! Hugs, Nancy

Jocelyn said...

Water, water, everywhere! As I sit, it's pouring rain here again - I love how green everything has gotten. All the plants around here are grabbing the opportunity to grow, grow, grow!

Tracy said...

Hi, Willow! So nice to catch up with you... and celebrate the RAIN! :) How beautiful those rocks and falls... wow... And VERY fun with your weaving! I've tried most with yarn & fiber, but I have yet to try weaving and spinning. Look forward to seeing more of what you make! Happy Days ((HUGS))