Friday, May 26, 2017

Heading into Summer

The end of May edition.

1.  This is from last week, but I have been smiling all week about it.  I met my long time friend for a morning coffee date at 9:30.  We've been besties since our early weeks in college when we started singing together in a trio.  Our husbands know us well--we began receiving text messages telling us they knew we'd be staying for lunch.  Which we did.  Then we talked some more.  And her husband sent her this text:  "I'll keep the light on for you."  We finally broke it up at 2:30 and promised we'd get together again sooner--which we did on Tuesday at her house.

2.  Sunday was one of my favorite days of the year.  Topanga Banjo and Fiddle Festival and Contest.   At Paramount Ranch.  Have you ever seen a Western movie?  One where the cowboy rides into town and ties up his horse at the post in front of the store.  I spent the day sitting on that porch spinning and talking with people who came to the Ranch for the festival.  The best part is listening to the music!

3.  I sold a few hats.  Since it was so hot, most people weren't interested in purchasing hats, but I did sell maybe ten caps.

4.  One afternoon I walked with a friend around my neighborhood.  I wanted to show her where the 'secret' cut-off from the back part of the golf course cuts over to the creek.  As always, I was awed by the sometimes wild beauty of the area where I live.

ducks in the creek

willow trees and wild mustard

blue heron in the agricultural field across the creek

5.  The Professor is finishing up his grading and cleaning out his office.  One of his students left this sweet thank you gift for him.  In his words,

"Last week I was supervising a student who needed more time to finish her final exam. When she was done, she reached into her backpack and gave me these three candy bars with the printed messages. She said I had been more accommodating of her needs than any other teacher she had in high school or college. My prayer going into this semester was that I would finish strong and not coast through the semester. I guess I succeeded."

Now we are ready for SUMMER!


Faith said...

LOVE the photos!! and how special for your husband that the student left treats with thoughtful fun notes! That festival sounds like loads of fun...I would probably love that music!

Happy weekend to you!

Willow said...

Faith, it's mostly blue grass music and it's great!

Barbara H. said...

Your #1 is making me want to call one of my friends! We live 3 hours apart and haven't touched base in a while except on Facebook. Smiling at the husbands' texts. :-)

The fair sounds like a lot of fun! Lovely photos of your area.

What a sweet (ha! In more ways than one!) tribute to your husband.

ellen b said...

Ahh...looks like a great 5 to head into summer! I love the treats and notes to the Professor from his students!

collettakay said...

Your knitting is lovely and so is spending time with good friends! :)

I hope you can stop by:


krishna said...

Beautiful pictures... Love those message with the chocolates...

Please visit:

Gattina said...

The festival sounds fun ! Beautiful landscape and what an honor for the professor ! It's quite seldom that students like their teachers, lol !

snoopydogknits said...

Such beautiful countryside photos. Love the little hats; such pretty colours and patterns. x

Deb J. in Utah said...

What a nice week - lots of high points. I love your hats and also the sweet message the professor got from his student! Enjoy the week ahead!