Friday, June 09, 2017

June Days

You know those days or weeks when you sit down to write and you realize "I got nothin'"?  I've had a week like that.  However, I like to approach Fridays with the attitude that there are good things that happen every day and I should be paying attention to them and be grateful for them. That's why I participate in Friday Fave Fives which Susanne hosts.  Maybe as I begin to write, more things will pop into my mind

1.  May Gray has become June Gloom in our weather.  Cloudy and foggy may not be every one's fave, but I enjoy the cooler, gentler days.  We even had a bit of light misty rain one morning.

2.  In thinking of the typical weather of this season, I was reminded of something else.  Sundown is a bit later now so our evening walks in the neighborhood are not in the dark.  I like that because I don't have to concern myself as much with making myself noticeable to the occasional drivers.  And we are outside and can notice the beautiful sunsets.

3.  This week, I decided to check how many books I had on my kindle.  I discovered I had way too many several which I hadn't read.  I will notice a free book and think, "Oh, that looks interesting" and download it.  So I have set myself to read through those books this summer.  The first one has been a delight--a journal written by an avid British hiker about his walks in England and Europe.  I might be looking up the places he mentions on google maps to follow his description of the trails...

4.  And of course while I'm reading, I'm knitting, too.  More hats.  The yarn stash of the kind I usually use for the beanies is dwindling.

5.  A time of refreshment--one of my artist group friends is traveling to Alaska for a couple of weeks to volunteer in a community where people come from all over the world to work in the canneries during fishing season.  I spent an afternoon with her just enjoying her company, praying with her for her trip, and appreciating her paintings and pieces of pottery.

See?  When I sit and think about my week, I find so much for which to be thankful!

And here is more jacaranda eye candy.. photos from other years.  Obviously, I just can't get enough of these beautiful trees!


ellen b. said...

Sounds like a book I would enjoy. Longer days make it easier to get more things done. Hope you have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

I've had some weeks like that, too - nothing bad happening, but nothing really noteworthy, either. But when I sit down to try to come up with something for the FFF, I always do.

I do love the cooler weather of spring, too, even if it's rainy. Full-fledged summer here feels like a sauna. I'm liking having more daylight except that it seems like it takes longer to wind down in the evenings because it doesn't seem as late as it is. But once we have the summer solstice, the days should be shortening slowly over time again.

I do that with free or inexpensive Kindle books, too- I keep loading them up. I've been participating in a challenge this year and last to get some of those read.

Mereknits said...

I am wishing for a week like that. It sounds peaceful and full of wonderful small moments of joy.

snoopydogknits said...

Sounds like a wonderful week! It's school report writing season here so not so much fun!

Susanne said...

How lovely that you had a good visit with your friend. Sounds like a great thing to be a part of that she will be doing in Alaska. I think most of can relate to that kind of a week, for sure. And I love the attitude with which you approach doing FFF and appreciate your participation each week that you can!

Gattina said...

I am in the same state as you. When the week is over I think but what have I done I have the feeling that everyday is the same. But indeed it's not, it's just that we are retired and there is no pressure on us anymore. What is not done today you can do whenever you want or never, lol !

Monica said...

Oh, the heat is hitting the midwest this week. We are up in the 90's with just as much humidity. I love the warmer weather though. I think I have seasonal depression. :(
Color and sunshine make me very happy!
Happy reading on that Kindle! I do the same thing! LOL!!!