Tuesday, January 09, 2018

A Natural Year

As I normally do in late December and early January, I have been pondering my Hopes and Goals for this year of 2018.  I have been considering what word best describes my focus.

I was coming up blank.  Nothing.  My prayer has been that God would show me what HE wants my focus to be this year.  Finally, yesterday it popped out at me.  Tracy posted a recipe for a natural body/face scrub on her blog, and I thought, YES!  I want to focus on having a more natural approach to everything in my life.

Already, I do quite well on eating only natural foods.  My whole food plant based diet requires that.  I've been learning about herbal teas and simple remedies.  I've backed off a lot on make up and use the most natural foundations and powders I can find.  My friend sends me her homemade soap.  Even my lip balm is natural and mostly organic.

But cleaning supplies and other body/facial cleansers have been areas where I have been confused and not very successful.  I'm going to begin here by making a natural sugar scrub.

My daughter has been focusing lately on Just Do One Thing.  I like that thought.  So during this year, I am going to Do One Thing at a time.  Naturally.


Jocelyn said...

These are wonderful thoughts to hang on to for the year! I especially like Just One Thing - it really resonates with me. It's so easy, sometimes, to get hung up on doing All The Things that one never starts. Just One Thing gives me permission to do what I can right now. And right now. And right now, too.

Faith said...

wonderful! I received an essential oils sugar scrub for Xmas from a co worker and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. She also gave me a lip balm. Just wonderful stuff. You know we are becoming more plant based here in our home due to our youngest choosing to be vegan. I do still eat eggs and some cheese though. BUT.....i've given up pork, beef, and most fish. Very rarely do I eat a piece of salmon. I still eat bison. and sometimes chicken if no hormones or antibiotics. Natural is a great word of the year!! I just discovered Forks over Knives so guess where I'll be finding some good vegan recipes??!

Tracy said...

Do One Thing at a Time, and Naturally...That is a BEAUTIFUL focus for a while year, Willow... a whole life, really! I'm glad my little post offered some inspiration. Hubby & I have, through the years, tried to live more eco-friendly in as many was possible. The revival of our garden last summer sparked lots of ideas. I've made all my own household cleaners for year. But not I want to try making more natural laundry supplies. We're big on trying to live less impact, less waste and less plastic. We're upping our game! ;) And happy to be along with you as we both do that! One step at a time... we'll get there! Wishing you a VERY Happy Natural New Year! ((HUGS))