Monday, January 01, 2018

2017 in Review

It's January first.  But.  I'm still mentally in 2017 since I am visiting family 2500 miles away from home.  Anyway, I decided to look back through the photos I took and choose one for each month.  You know how it is...I couldn't choose just one!  So here are two (or maybe more) photos from January through December.  Mostly, I chose tried to choose one landscape and one micro photo. You can tell from the pictures where I was each month.  Enjoy!

At home where the jonquils were blooming.

Wait! What?? Snow?  Visiting Ohio.

Back home where the poppies are blooming.  In February.

And the Pacific Ocean quietly calls to me.

Spring comes to Southern California

And PAL comes to the beach.

The monarch butterflies grace our garden.

Poppies pop up everywhere.

And I travel again.
Ohio bike path

Back home
The neighborhood golf course

Santa Monica Mountains

The jacarandas were late to bloom.

Ventura County beach

June Gloom in Southern California is a real thing.


A Northern California and Oregon road trip

New Mexico and Arizona

Surfing and sunset

Even in SoCal, the leaves turn in autumn.  Sorta.



San Francisco

Humboldt County

Ventura County

Santa Monica Mountains tower above our home.

An egret enjoys the neighborhood lake.

 monarch caterpillar

Late autumn in Maryland


Passing national monuments is normal life in Washington, D.C.

See?  I just can't limit my favorites!


Down by the sea said...

Lovely to see your review of the year with such a contrast from the snow to the desert. I found it difficult to keep the numbers down too! Wishing you Happy New Year! Sarah x

Mereknits said...

SUch beautiful places and gorgeous photos. Happy New Year.

Faith said...

beautiful photos!! and you're still on the East Coast???? must be super cold for ya!!

Here in eastern NY it was a lovely -10 this a.m. when I first woke up!! we are having quite the cold spell.....thankfully not too much snow! at least not where i live.

Tracy said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR, Willow! Good to catch up with you... and LOVED seeing this backward glance... :))) Wishing you & yours a very happy, healthy, creative, peaceful and love-filled 2018!!

Monica said...

What a great year in photos! You were in Arizona for the hotest part of the year! LOL. We used to send my grandmother there to visit my uncle anywhere from November to March. She's not able to travel anymore.

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures with us!

ellen b said...

A year really holds so much when you travel with a camera. :)
It's so good to look back and see all that went on.
You've really got some traveling in.
Happy 2018 to you and yours!

Mia said...

So much traveling, my jet-setting Mama! :)