Saturday, September 01, 2018

All About Family!

This isn't really a Friday Fave Five since it is already Saturday.  But I want to take a bit of time from my busy holiday to share some things I'm loving.

1.  Sibling Time.  Three of my four children were together for the first time in a LONG time.  So we celebrated their summer birthdays which are all within two weeks of each other.

2.  The four cousins gathered together for only the second time ever.  That's one of the harder parts of encouraging your children to spread their wings and follow the paths God puts in front of them.

3.  Our clan does love ancient history, archaeology, old ruins and such stuff.  So we had to visit Serpent Mound in Southern Ohio which is a National Historical Monument of the Ancient American Indian culture.

4.  My PAL lives in the desert Southwest, so she isn't familiar with lots of green grass and tiny flowers.  She was fascinated with white and purple clover and buttercups.  You can't even see the yellow flower in her hand but she was so excited to show me.

5.  Finally, we got to attend The (No Longer) New Boy's baseball game!

Yes, this post is ALL ABOUT FAMILY!


Barbara H. said...

What sweet family times! Sounds like a great week. We just had all our crew together week before last. Only one cousin so far, though! :-)

Your PAL has gotten so grown-up!

Wendy said...

Family time is the best! Glad you're having a good time.

Melanie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Family posts are the best kind, aren't they? Loved reading about yours. Have a blessed day.

ellen b. said...

The best! So happy for you that these sweet reunions took place!

Susanne said...

Friday? Saturday? The name of the day does not matter as long as we note our blessings in whatever way we choose. Glad you still posted! What a blessing to have your family together! I love those precious times. Yes, the New Boy is definitely not so new anymore! When did he get so big?! And you PAL is precious. Love that she is so excited to show you her tiny little flower.

susan said...

How fun to do a NOT FFF all about family. They certainly do occupy the place of favorite blessings in any week.
What a special thing it was for 3/4 kiddos to celebrate together. That must have been so hectic when they were growing up to celebrate 3 birthdays within a fortnight. Does the 4th kiddo have a birthday in the same time frame?
How fun that the 4 cousins were able to get together again. It is hard when cousins don't live nearby. My grand daughter doesn't live near two cousins either, so they facetime a lot.
It is great that as a family you like "field trips." And I like that you show us pictures from your trips.
Have a great week.

Faith said...

Oh yay for all the cousins getting together and for,you having mostmof your children with you!! How very special.

Little PAL is adorable but i cannot imagine growing,up without lush green grass and wildflowers!!!

Although i do have seeing a desert on my bucket list...maybe when we retire!

Happy Labor Day weekend, Willow!!