Friday, December 07, 2018

That December List

Do you have your December To Do List?  Have you been checking it? Twice?  As in twice every hour?  I have.  I've been working my way down that list, crossing items off as I complete them.  In fact, that is my focus for Friday Fave Fives.  Here is where you go to join in being thankful this week.

1.  Christmas letter.  We have (nearly) finished writing it and will be printing the copies to mail out.  The fave is that the addresses are all updated and labels printed.

2.  That letter:  I asked my children to contribute their paragraphs and they all sent me the information in (mostly) timely fashion so we could format the letter and add some cute photos.

3.  Activities.  I wrote them on my To Do List and checked them off.  Pick up my earrings that were being repaired at the jewelers.  Open House at my friend's weaving studio.  Steering committee meeting for my Mom to Mom group.  Two Christmas dinners with groups of friends.  Last Bible Study for the year.  Buying books and stocking stuffers.  Buying yarn and buttons for some knitting and weaving projects.

4.  I have been knitting and weaving like crazy to finish those projects before I leave for points in eastern US for Christmas.  You should see the list.  It's getting done!

                         knitted scarf
                         six knitted hats in Christmas colors for my friend's studio open house
                         knitted hat for PAL's cousin
                         another knitted hat
                         woven scarf
                         some knitted bunnies
                         knitted vest for baby boy (church friend)
                         knitted vest for baby girl (another church friend)

5.  Shopping.  Almost done.  I think all I have left to buy is one book.*  Amazon to the rescue! *The Professor just ordered it! Done!

This is definitely a busy time of year, but making my lists really helps me get things done!  I'm thankful for the time to get it all organized and get it done!


Gracie Saylor said...

I so admire your organization and industry, Willow! I am anticipating sending a change of address letter, yet to be composed, around Christmas. I have felt unwell for several weeks but made it to sign the closing papers for the sale of our house and the closing papers for the purchase of the condo the Lord is providing for me. Now feeling unwell through the night...stress. Please pray that I along with my family members all who love the Lord will bring Him glory in all we do as we learn what it means to be one in Christ. May your travels and fellowship be joyful in Him! xx

Faith said...

Yay for to do lists getting check off. I'm done with the shopping and wrapping. Everything is under the tree and stockings are hung.

Gifts are at the inlaws which we delivered to them at Thanksgiving and for my 3 sisters and their families the gifts are all wrapped and set aside for the 23rd when they all gather here.

My house is decorated and tree up and a few cookies and truffles have been baked.

School is done in 2 weeks for me and i will have about 10 days of Christmas vacation! Then we welcome a new student to our classroom.

Your knitting projects are gorgeous!!

And how fun to be here on the east coast for Xmas!!! Here in eastern NY we have NO snow. Where my sister Hope lives in central NYS she has about 4 inches. Where i hike there's about 2 feet!!!

Can't wait to hear about your Xmas adventures!! Which states will you be in? I think you've told me Ohio is one?

Barbara H. said...

I've been writing weekly lists, checking things off, and reformulating for the next week. We're at about the same place you are - Christmas letter almost done, a lot of errands run. My husband and I need to confer about a few gifts, but we're not far from done. I love checking off those items!

ellen b. said...

Love those Christmas hats!!
I think I better write a list cuz I'm living in a make believe world that says I'm all organized.
Hope your week is Merry and bright!

Susanne said...

I love checking things off of lists. Love those Christmas hats.

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nikkipolani said...

Ah, the lists. Looks like you have made it (with the last tidbits from your kids for the letter). Some friends of mine decided that they'd write New Year letters instead of Christmas ones to alleviate some of the pressure.