Friday, May 03, 2019

Blessed and Thankful

I'm a bit late today posting for Friday Fave Fives but not for want of being thankful.  We decided to go for a hike this afternoon after I was home from Bible Study, so I am just now posting.

1.  And that's my first fave.  The weather was perfect and so we headed out to Santa Monica Mountains Recreation Area at Satwiwa.  We've hiked there often but always enjoy it.  The poppies are done blooming but the yellow mustard and the purple flowers still provide color.

2.  A friend gifted me a new mug.  It is inscribed with the Bible verse "The joy of the LORD is your strength." (Nehemiah 8:10)  I have a new favorite tea mug!

3.  I have a new scarf warped on my loom.  I went over to my friend's weaving studio and spent a couple of hours with her while I put the navy and grey yarns on the warp.  I love a new project!

4.  I've also taken on another weaving challenge.  This week I drove to the thrift store and found two different sweaters, both of them made mostly of cotton (one is about half linen).  I am pulling the sweaters apart and recycling the yarns to weave a shawl.  No photos yet because it's just in the beginning stages of planning.

5.  And finally, my biggest fave of the week!  A little background first.  Eleanor my bunny accompanied me on our trip to England.  Well, at least she started the trip.  One evening while we were staying near Glastonbury she met some other bunnies and sneaked off with them to play.  I didn't notice that she had run away until we received a message from our hostess asking if Eleanor belonged to us!  That sneaky little bunny, running off to play hide and seek in the garden and snack of the carrots and lettuce!  So. What to do?  Finally our hostess caught her and mailed her back to us and she arrived this week.  Truthfully, as much fun as Eleanor had, she is happy to be home with me again. And I'm happy to have her back.

Bonus! A few quick photos of England!

Be blessed and be thankful this week!


Faith said...

Ooh....those last two photos say England to me!, THAT is what i picture when people say English countryside. I do hopemto get there one day.
Glad Eleanor is back!!😀💕
Yay for new weaving challenges. That has got to be a true gifting...i don't sew, knit, weave or anything like that at all!! But like my husband says, i sure know how to find a great sale! Ha!

Glad you could get a nice hike in. I've had to be satisfied with walks in town due to it being major mud season and black fly season right now in the mountains. But the end of June will find me hiking again!! For now I'm happy to have local parks, my bike and hopefully in a couple weeks, my kayak!!

Enjoy the weekend!

Susanne said...

Your pictures of England are so lovely. I would love to visit there one day. Sneaky little Eleanor's story made me laugh. Glad she returned home. What a great idea taking apart sweaters you found with nice yard to make into something brand new.

ellen b. said...

Maybe Eleanor was looking for Peter and Benjamin. Glad you got her back. Thought of you when I saw an ad for an estate sale here with …"a vast treasury of spinning, weaving, knitting" Looms, Carders, drop spindles, antique Doukhobor spinning wheel. etc. "

Wendy said...

Glad you got your bunny back and thanks for sharing your pics. Making new items from old jumpers is a great way of recycling. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Barbara Harper said...

So glad you got your bunny back! Lovely pictures of England! I love the verse on your mug. Have fun with the weaving projects!

Anonymous said...

Look at that blue California sky! Mary