Friday, July 26, 2019

Be Thankful

Oh!  It's Friday already??  I totally missed the memo.

So...anyway, here we go. Friday Fave Fives from Willow's Week which whizzed by so fast I didn't realize it was Friday!  Here is the link to join in and read other people's FRIDAY FAVE FIVES.

1.  I love our church's Wednesday Night Dinners which we do in the summer months.  Most Wednesday evenings we gather together and share a meal.  Sometimes, it's Taco Guy providing the meal.  Other times, it's hot dogs and hamburgers.  Last week, my sister-in-law and I wore matching t-shirts and that prompted this week's "Wear a Crazy T-Shirt Night".  This resulted in lots of crazy shirts.  The Professor won a Starbuck's gift card for his:

I love how our church family enjoys spending time together.

2.  My daughters met at day care one evening--picking up their kids at the same time.  They snapped this photo and sent it to me.  I love that they love each other!  (They may hate me for posting this publicly.  I just love it.)

3.  It's summer.  For the first time this year, we have had to run the AC.  I'm thankful that we have that luxury when we are uncomfortably warm.

4.  On Saturday, we attended the funeral for a former (science dept) professor of ours.  This wonderful man was also a beloved colleague of The Professor's father.  It was wonderful to hear how he impacted so many people and how much his family loved and honored him.  Predictably, there were other long time college friends there and we reconnected and chatted with them.  I so appreciate living near enough to our college alma mater that we can attend these various functions.

5.  We had arranged to see a long time friend of The Professor's (since they were one and three!) who was also a colleague of our honored prof.  (I mentioned him and his wife a couple of months ago because she and I share a love of murder mysteries.)  Because they are planning a move, she passed on to me a WHOLE BOX of Agatha Christie novels!  I may have already finished a couple of them. And yes, I'm fine rereading some of them; they're that good.  I love having friends who share my love of books.

My friends in North America and Europe, please stay cool! And hydrated.  Enjoy your weekend.  And look back on last week and be THANKFUL.


Wendy said...

Great photo of your daughters. How nice that they are close to one another. Funerals are often sad affairs but not when it's a celebration of a life well lived. I loved reading Agatha Christie when I was younger. I read lots. Yes it's been very hot here and we don't have the luxury of AC. We open windows and turn on the fans although this week it was hotter outside and we were advised to keep windows and curtains closed against the heat! Thankful for rain today and cooler temps.

nikkipolani said...

What fun faves! Those Wednesday church dinners sound like a great way to connect and enjoy one another’s company.

ellen b. said...

Haha...funny t-shirt. Love the photo of your girls and the fact that they are close to each other. We are at the age where funerals are reunions. We are basking in our cool air from our heat pump. Thanking God for the luxury of it!

Mereknits said...

So much to be thankful for. Sorry about the loss of your friend, he sounds amazing. Wishing you another wonderful week. Oops, great photo of your daughters.

Faith said...

That's a nice picture of your daughters! You can tell they're sisters! And how fun formtheir children that they get to be in the same daycare!! Cousins!!

Oh i LOVE reading and it's been a long time since I've read an Agatha Christy book. I need to get a couple from our library. My oldest loves her as well. One year on Cape Cod we saw a marvelous summer stock production of an agatha christy play.

Praise God for central air!!! We've needed it quite a bit since July 4th!

Ilene (Kat) Snyder said...

I also love the picture of your daughters. I never met Mary, but I remember the little blonde cutie in Bandung and Testega!

Barbara Harper said...

We used to live close enough to our alma mater to attend various functions. That was so nice. They live stream some things now. So glad you got to attend the funeral and catch up with friends. And receive a box of books!

The church meals sound so fun. We had one church who did a fellowship after Wed. night services in the summer with a different theme each week - pies or chocolate, etc. Another had potluck dinners the first Wed. night of every month. Our current church has them after Sun. morning services about every 6 weeks or so. The food and fellowship are both great.

Fun that your daughters use the same daycare and run into each other occasionally - and share that with you! And AC - yes, bless the man who invented it. We have such high humidity here, we have to run it throughout the summer.

Tracy said...

Hi, Willow! So good to catch up with you here... Life had been "full", again... you know! ;) During the summer I've been online less, so I have to take things in big glups sometimes... haha! LOVE that "Wear a Crazy T-Shirt"! I like your Professor's choice of t-shirt. Sweet pic of your daughters--and so nice they live near each other. Very sorry for the loss of your friend/colleague. How lovely the "inheritance" of those Agatha Christie books! That will keep you busy for a while... ;) Would you believe it's been 95 F over here...??!! Some a/c would be so nice about now--not common in homes here, unfortunately. :/ Thankfully these heatwaves only last a couple of weeks or so! Happy rest of Summer! ((HUGS))

Susanne said...

I love the impromptu photo of your daughters and I love that they thought of you and sent it to you. Those are the best! Summer has finally kicked in here too so I concur with being thankful for ac. The shirt made me laugh out loud. Sorry for the loss of your friend and colleague.

Anonymous said...

I’m so glad you could attend Dr. H’s funeral. And so thankful he was honored for his faithful life. Reconnecting with friends is one of life’s real pleasures, and the Lord has blessed you with lots of that. The picture of the girls was so nice...tired after a day’s work and starting on the evening’s work of parenting. Very sweet that they are close to each other. Mary

Jocelyn said...

I especially love that picture of your daughters, because it resonates with how I feel when I see my girls spending time and laughing together - so grateful for their love and support for one another!