Thursday, January 20, 2022

Five Wonderful Things

Friday Fave Fives

Piano tuner

Model train show

Snow blower



This is what I wrote first.  My ideas for what to post for Friday Fave Fives. (Follow the link to Susanne's blog to join in.) Sometimes, this is how I formulate my thoughts.  And, really, do you need any more detail that this?

Well, I'll give you more details, anyway.

1.  After so many moves in vans and pods, my wonderful piano has needed extra care.  So what does The Professor do?  He gives me the Christmas gift of having my sweet strings tuned. My piano was bought by my dad for my mom in 1983, and I inherited it.  And now it sounds wonderful.

2.  The Professor wanted to attend the model train show with our younger grandson, our Little Warrior.  Younger Daughter and I tagged along.  Best part?  Watching how much fun the guys had.

3.  The Professor decided that a snow blower was the best answer to clearing our driveway and front walk of snow.  He's been excitedly watching the weather, waiting for a chance to use it.  Finally, this week, it snowed!  And as he brought that snow blower out for its first time, he was greeted by our neighbor and his brother who were clearing his and our sidewalks.  Bonding over snow blowing.

4.   Younger Son's birthday was this week.  Since he lives a long long way away, we called and chatted with him.  Oh, he was so cute! (he still is)

5.  Because of being stuck at home for two weeks in isolation,  I missed my appointment for my haircut.  Finally, this week, I was able to get in for a new appointment.  Haircuts may be boring, but, oh my, they are so wonderful.


Deb said...

Wow, you have a lot of snow there. Good thing you have a snow blower. Your son was quite a cutie. It's good you could talk to him on his birthday. So glad you got your piano tuned. You remind me that I should do that too. (I also need to practice more). Glad you had a nice week. Have a good weekend and I will see you again soon!

Wendy said...

Lovely list and yes we did need the detail and the pictures. That's a lot of snow! A good excuse to stay inside and play your newly tuned piano. Have a good weekend.

Faith said...

We have that same snow blower!! At least it looks the same! We haven't really had to use it yet although Dave did bring it out when we got our measly 4 inches last Sunday morning and he cleared the end of the driveway with it. Snowblowers are a necessity in the great northeast! :)

LOVE that you could get out and do the hair cut, a train show and that your piano is now tuned. Mine was tuned the autumn before Covid and really does need it again as I moved it from one corner to another :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your boy. He was a cutie!!

Enjoy the women's retreat and time with your daughter

Karen said...

Model trains are so much fun. I grew up with a little village winding through our basement. It was one of my dad's hobbies.

I loved your description of the guys in the neighborhood "bonding over snow blowing." The same thing happens in our neighborhood, lol. It makes the job more pleasant, I think.

I miss having a full size piano in our house. My son (who is the piano player) took it with him when he moved out. I do have a little keyboard, but I don't play very well. One of my retirement goals is to get back to playing.

Happy Birthday to your grandson!

Barbara Harper said...

I was going to get my hair cur last week, but ended up not--some other errands had taken long and I was tired. I've regretted not getting it done but hope to this week. It just feels so much better when it's done.

That's neat about the snow removal bonding. How nice to have the piano tuned! The model train show sounds like fun. Belated happy birthday to your son!

Susanne said...

Too fun about the snow blower bonding. Men and their machines. What a thoughtful gift of piano tuning from your hubby. Do you play? I remember taking our kids to a model train show when they were little. They really liked it. Happy birthday to your grandson!

ellen b. said...

A nice variety of favorites. A tuned piano is a treat. Welcome to the world of needing snow removal tools. We just picked up a plow for Dear's truck today. Happy Sunday to you!

A Joyful Cottage said...

Good idea for your husband to have a snow blower. I just heard this week how many heart attacks occur from shoveling snow. Yikes! We don't want that! Glad you're out of isolation and could get you hair cut. I know for me, I always feel 1000% better after my locks are trimmed. It especially bugs me now that I keep my hair so short. It can look shaggy (and not in a good way) pretty quickly. Train shows are fun. A real memory maker there. Your son's photo is adorable. Love the eyes! Have a great day! Hugs.

nikkipolani said...

Yes yes yes! Haircuts are amazing. I'd kept putting off getting mine and with hair long enough to just wind up and pin or braid, it was easy to keep on putting it off. Once I got it done.... WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG?

Glad you are over your isolation and have more than enough neighborhood snowblowers and a well-tuned instrument to enjoy :-)