Friday, November 11, 2022

Traveling Fave Fives

We are having the best time on West Coast Road Tripp 2022.  So many blessings!  I have had to choose Five to share with Friday Fave Fives (the link will take you to where you can join us in writing your five faves from the week).  How do you decide when there are so many blessings like favorite people, favorite restaurants, favorite places?

1.  Time with our granddaughter PAL.  She wanted to share Musical Instruments Museum with us.  We also attended the wedding of Lily Bunny and Paddington Bear.  In fact, The Professor officiated the marriage!

2.  We stopped for a short visit with someone we knew in college and to meet his wife.  It was so fun to catch up on our lives.

3.  Now we are in our old home town and staying with World's Best Neighbor in our old neighborhood for a few days.  How many former neighbors would invite you to stay with them?  This has been a great time of catch up and remembering, driving and walking around the familiar streets.

4.  Lunch in Malibu with one of our best friends who lives in one of the beach cities in Los Angeles.  I think we stayed for more than two hours just talking and catching up.  That was the best of the best!  Even the drive along Pacific Coast Highway gazing at the beach and waves was wonderful and so refreshing.

5.  Lunches and dinners and coffees with other friends.  Hugs from our pastor and secretary at church.   Yesterday, we stopped in to the place where The Professor's sister was volunteering and surprised her.  Oh, that was so much fun!   And we're not done yet!  Three more days here.

Bonus!  Here in the US, we celebrate Veteran's Day to honor our military, past and present.  I come from a long line of proud veterans.  Here are just two of them.  My father and my husband.  And now my son who is a military chaplain.

Enlistment photo, World War II

Hot, tired and a long way from home.

Chaplain, USAR. On the way to Afghanistan, 2008



Faith said...

what a wonderful week of blessings you've had. Your granddaughter is precious! LOVE the smile. Handsome men, your veterans!!Enjoy the rest of your stay and safe journey back to the East Coast.

Melanie said...

The Pacific coast looks beautiful! I've been to Tillamook in Oregon but never to the beaches farther south. I'm glad you've had such a lovely road trip.

Gattina said...

That seems to be a very nice trip with lots of visits. I am still in contact with our neighbor next house, we traveled together and as she lives now quite close, we visit each other at least once a month. I know her now for 25 years !

Deb J. in Utah said...

Looks like you had a good trip and nice visits. California is a beautiful state and our experience was that the people there were kind and friendly. Yes, thanks to all who serve! Looks like you have a proud family tradition of serving our country. See you again soon!

Barbara Harper said...

So glad you got to go back to visit your old stomping grounds and see lots of dear people there!

nikkipolani said...

Hey, you are never truly limited to five! Sounds like a blast all around with family and friend visits.

Susanne said...

How wonderful to have all the visiting time catching up with old friends. Your granddaughter is beautiful and how fun to "officiate" and attend that special wedding. :)

R's Rue said...

What sweet memories. Regine

Kimberly said...

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