Monday, July 10, 2006

Cat Sitting

Mia and I are cat sitting at a friend's. Now there is nothing unusual about helping a friend out, but this time, the friend is really blessing us too. This friend lives 1.5 miles from the beach and we are really enjoying the cooler and cleaner air and the quiet and peace of the neighborhood.

Today we spent most of the day in Bed, Bath and Beyond, registering for wedding gifts. I am really impressed with the quality of both the merchandise and the employees. Wish I could get married again and get some of the beautiful things Mia and Tim will have. She has good merchandise, in men and in parents!

We had lunch with Mike at Red Sesame, a Thai fast food place. Great food... and we got a detailed account of his visit to Hawaii's big island. I'm all for going to see Hilo myself now.

Knitting? It seems I've taken a hiatus. I have been very frustrated by the entralac and I have hit a wall. I decided that the best thing to do is just leave it for a bit and come back with a better attitude. I have correctly done four of the five 'rows' and am stuck on the fifth (final) row. I probably just need to reread the directions but it's hard to understand when I'm frustrated, not living in my own house, been busy with family,friends and dr appts.

More busyness on the horizon with Deb and Jeff coming down (!), alternate banquet on Sat night, Mike moving on Saturday, and our cat sitting.

Since I'm not home I can't even download photos.

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