Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fair Isle Hat

The Fair Isle hat is finished, blocked and ready to be modeled.

I don't have a good mental eye for color and design, so I have to design visually. I bought six different colors of Cascade 220 yarn and started to play around with the arrangement of the balls. I realized that equal amounts of each color did not give me a realistic idea of how the colors work together.

What color should I use for the hat, the background color?

Turquoise, bright pink, white?
I finally pulled out the bright pink altogether and used only five colors.

I'm pleased with the finished product. I hope the certification committee is, too.


roxie said...

The hat is adorable! Fresh and charming and perfectly executed, Bravo!!

Mama Mia said...

Mumsy, you are way too good at that! It is so cute! Mmmm... can I have one...? ;oP

Dot Com Mom said...

It's beautiful. Your stitches are so even and the colors are perfect.

Kristen said...

I found your blog from google.

I absolutely adore this fair isle hat. I was wondering if it's a pattern that you would be willing to share. A good friend of mine just had a baby and I would love to make this hat for the baby.

My email address is kris_lmt@yahoo.com If you would choose not to share the pattern I understand. You did a beautiful job with it!