Thursday, March 01, 2007

Promised Photo

I promised to post a sunny photo for Roxie. But I got to the beach yesterday and the sun never really came out. The sky was blue on the horizon but by the time the sun got low enough to go below the clouds, other clouds had blown in and so there was no real sunshine. By blown I mean BLOWN. It was very windy. I had planned to take a beach walk but I stepped out of the car to take these photos, realized just how windy it was and popped right back in the car. Call me a wimp, but I don't enjoy walking into the wind.

The ocean was a bit broody yesterday. This photo doesn't really show the height of the waves along the Pacific Ocean, but to give you an idea of how windy and cool it was, I can tell you for most of the time I was sitting in my car, there were no surfers or anyone else on the beach or in the water. Finally about 3:30, one lone and hardy surfer showed up, went out in the surf, never got up on his board and came back to shore about 4:00.


Anonymous said...

oh how beautiful! Oh how I miss that!

roxie said...

OK, now I know what winter in LA looks like. It snowed in Hillsboro on Wednesday.

roxie said...

I check you blog every day. That first photo of yours is so striking! It looks like some wonderful abstract painting! I love it!