Sunday, August 10, 2008

County Fair

Meet Me At the Ventura County Fair!

I love county fairs. I used to work in a booth at the Washington County and Clackamas County Fairs in Oregon and later branched out to work at a county fair in Washington and I even worked at the Oregon State Fair for a couple of years. I guess you could say that carnie blood pulses through my veins. Whenever I see a fair sign I feel like I just have to go!

I love most everything about the fairs. I love the horrible, greasy food. I'll eat it at the fair once a year. Don't tell my doctor. And really, I don't think it's great in a local organic food sort of way. But once a year? Yeah, I gotta eat it.

I enjoy watching people ride on the merry go round and the ferris wheel. I don't go on the rides myself, but maybe in a year or two I'll take the New Boy on the merry go round.

Bungie jumping? Uhhh, no.

I love the exhibit halls. I was really pleased to see that our local farmers market had a booth.

The Professor likes to walk through the commercial halls and watch the booth vendors do their magic talk-without-breathing tricks, convincing people to part with their money for the short lived thrill of owning those things they never knew they wanted or needed until those glib salesmen tell them they do.
I always head straight for the home arts building. This year I entered three of my knitted items in the competition.
The aran sweater I designed and knitted for the knitting guild master hand knitting certification won a blue ribbon! And it also got a judge's choice award!

We looked and looked for Bunny and finally found her, our sweet little Eleanor Elizabeth, in among the baby things-caps, booties and layettes-in a glass case. There she was, proudly displaying her blue ribbon!

The beaches blanket earned a red (2nd place) ribbon. I didn't get a photo of it as it was tucked away in the back of a case filled with folded afghans and blankets.
What fascinated the New Boy?

His grandpa showed him the model trains!

Every fair I've ever visited on the West Coast of America has a carving of Smokey the Bear. He was there in the state parks display reminding everyone as he has for as long as I can remember that 'Only YOU can prevent forest fires.'

We had a great time at the fair! There was so much to see--the gardens, the flower exhibits, 4H and FFA barns. The photography building! Oh yes! I spent an hour in the photography building. We stayed until the New Boy was tired and then we took the shuttle back to Ventura Harbor where we'd parked our car. I can't wait until next year!


Sue Krekorian said...

Glad to see your talents are appreciated: most worthy wins. Congratulations!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

Wow! Could that sky be any bluer??

Well deserved ribbons! You do AMAZING work! I am very impressed!

Deb said...

Our small community has a large 4 day fair during the last weekend in Sept. - the largest agricultural fair in our state. I am the superintendent for the school building. I LOVE it. And the photography building is one of my favorites along with a large cotton candy! Congrats on the ribbons - you are a true artisan!

Tracy said...

HOORAY for first place, Willow! That sweater is a well done. An such fun! I love county/state fairs! Happy Days ((HUGS))

ellen b. said...

Whoohoo! Congratulations on all your ribbons Willow!! Love your bunny and sweater and blanket! I might need to twist your arm and make you knit a bunny for me!! Was that a Pinks I saw of the famous Pinks hot dog stand in LA/Hollywood??

roxie said...

Blue ribbons for the Blue challenge. Yay Willow!!! Two Blues! And ribbons an ALL your entries! You totally rock! Will you be entering photos next year as well?

Islandsparrow said...


We are celebrating Old Home Week - it seems that fairs are much the same all across North America.

My boys loved trains too.

Anonymous said...

Huge congratulations and I think the blues qualify as "blue Photos". The aran is stunning so your blue is very well deserved. Did you write the pattern out as you knitted so you can make another? Love little bunny.

I love carousel horses and the Waltzer at fairs.

Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations!! All of those ribbons are so well-deserved (and I love your Aran -- gorgeous). It sounds like you guys had a wonderful day :) (My verification word is "emfatek"; as in, you emphatically deserved those ribbons!)

Sherida said...

Congratulations on your awards! I wish I could have gone to the Fair with you. We missed the OC fair, and now I'm sad.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Well, that was fun...thanks for the photo journey! And many congratulations on your blue ribbons--hooray!

I saw a Pink's Chili Dog sign on one of those food booths....did you have one of those? I've always heard about the famous Pink's Hotdog stand in LA but never of these days! Lucky you, they even went to the Ventura Fair!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I love county fairs too. This post made me feel like I was there with you. I'm so happy for you and the ribbons you won. The sweater is a fave of mine and it looks like it was for the judges too. Hooray!


photowannabe said...

Fairs can be alot of fun. Our county fair was really cheesy but the Calif. State Fair in Sacramento is opening next week and Hubby and I have our tickets to go already.
Congratulations on your blue ribbons and all the talented hard work that went into the items. Good for you.

Bethany said...

YiPeeEE!!! You are awesome!!! Two blue ribbons is amazing!!! But we all knew you were a fabulous knitter! It looks like a really great time! I've only recently been to fairs since moving to Pennsylvania after I was married (okay, 16 years ago). I love seeing all the food and the crafts! And the animals... okay, everything!

Elizabeth said...

What fun this looks . So gad all your hard work was rewarded.
I love the traditional merry go round.

Beatriz said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbons! I forgot to take pics while I was there on Sat. Your pics are wonderful. It's my first time getting a blue I want to volunteer for next year's Fair.

Caroline said...

Oh! I seriously got a chill when I read that Eleanor received a blue ribbon. I feel related to her you know! Congratulations on your other ribbons too. That is so exciting.

OK, let's see if we can discover another connection between us besides our love of knitting, fairs, and Humboldt County. My husband and attended Dana College in Blair, Nebraska and one of our favorite professors was Norman Bansen, who was from Ferndale. His family surely knew yours since they were also early settlers His mother, Ann Bansen, lived well into her 90s. My parents were good friends of his and we had many pleasant visits with him at my parents' home in Fortuna after he retired and moved back to Ferndale.

Unknown said...

very interesting, bungee jumping no, ferris wheel..OK :D

Unknown said...

oh yes...a big congrats on the blue apt for your blue project :D

Barbara said...

Congratulations, that sweater prize was certainly deserved.
How quickly little grandson is growing.
I like the carrot display.

Beatriz said...

AFY has a knitting booth in the Home Arts Bldg. Lois prints out a schedule in July for volunteer sign ups, which means you get to knit. I got a blue ribbon on Spring Forward socks in Panda Silk bamboo. Sorry I didn't get to see your entries either!

Flower said...

Congrats on the blue ribbons!!
We have tickets for the state fair and it won't be the same without you there!! Did you ever submit anything at the O fair?

Lovella ♥ said...

AAAAAHHHHH I'm so proud of you for winning.. . That is just awesome.
Oh the new boy . .yes I understand all about planning to do the things again that we used to do. I just had said to my beloved. . next year we are doing the agri fair again with the babies. .it is so much fun the second time around.

Lovella ♥ said...

okay . .its me again and smirking at Ellens comment about twisting your arm to make a bunny. .
Who .. tell me who. . would ask you to knit a bunny. .glad I got to you first. .still smiling.
That Ellen is a smart one.

Anonymous said...

Some of the greatest moments of my childhood were spent at county fairs.
Congrats on your ribbons. Bunny looks sweet.

Marg said...

Congratulations on your fantastic awards. That's my favorite sweater..
I love the post of your little boy.
It speaks so many words.
Who would of known the joys those little boys can bring.

Heather said...

I'm behind on my blogging. Congrats on your winnings. Great Job!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Congratulations on your blue and red ribbons! I bought an Aran sweater when I visited Ireland and I appreciate all the work and fine craftmanship used to make it.