Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Theodore Payne Foundation for California Wild Flowers and Native Plants

This sign was posted at Descanso Gardens, but I thought it was a wonderful tribute to Theodore Payne, the pioneer of modern California native gardens.

At both Descanso Gardens and Payne Nursery the wild flowers were abundantly featured.  Many of these beauties will be planted in my back hill garden among the poppies that already bloom there.

Sages and grasses are important staples in a California native garden.
Cleveland sage

Point Sal Sage grows low (2 ft) and wide (8 ft). We've already purchased two of these wonderfully fragrant sages.  I plucked a leaf for my neighbor to smell and she kept it, crushing and sniffing its pungent odor throughout the day.

Native grasses help to stabilize slopes.  I think these will add structural interest when they poke up through the sage.

I'm wondering if our interest in California native plants is unusual or if people from other regions of the world encourage the growth of native trees, bushes and flowers.  Where you live, do you focus on native plants from your area?

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Bethany said...

That is one thing I remember vividly from visiting California, is all the beautiful plants, even in the wild. It seems many famous gardeners come from your state! I do think horticulturists here in PA recognize the need to plant native species because we have foreign invasive plants that just choke out everything else. It is much easier to grow native plants... they thrive easily and without as much water or feeding.
I love that sweater design! She's a lucky daughter! In alpaca that would be so lovely.
The Mother Theresa quote is one of my favorites too... we are always looking for ways to share things with others out of what we have so that they aren't sitting here collecting dust and someone else has what they need too.