Thursday, October 11, 2012

Back in October

I have certainly missed being a part of Friday Fave Fives for the past month.  Each Thursday evening, I would tell myself, "Get on the computer and just write!" But obviously, that didn't happen.  However, I'm back now! What have I been thankful for this week?

1. Opportunities to encourage students who have been struggling with their writing skills.  When I see their eyes light up, when they laugh instead of scowl about an assignment, it makes the planning and teaching worthwhile.  Even more than worthwhile, it makes me excited to continue teaching.

2. Emails, phone calls and conversations with special people who remind me they are praying for me.

3.  I had a great time on Saturday and Sunday joining other spinning and weaving guild members at Reyes Adobe Days in Agoura Hills (just on the northwest edge of Los Angeles County).  I spent two days spinning and explaining the process of taking animal fiber (this time it was alpaca) and turning it in to yarn.  An added bonus was seeing a former student who was working at the 'grinding corn and making tortillas' booth.

4.  The Professor and I make a great team during the week.  In the mornings he pulls me out of bed wakes me up, hands me a cup of coffee and makes sure I have my car keys.  In the evenings, I have dinner ready when he arrives home and then he even helps make a salad.  He's working extra hours in the performing arts dept at the university, attending rehearsals and planning the lighting for the fall production.  That makes for late nights, but we always manage to sit for a bit and relax.  It takes a great team to work and play together.

5.  Lovely Southern California October beach.  I needed to feel the sand in my shoes, the sea breeze in my hair, the spray on my face so I drove down to Ventura's Marina Park to eat my lunch between class and tutoring.  It lifts my spirits.

What one thing stands out to you this week?


Kathie said...

Hi there Willow - you and I both made it back to FFF this week! I cam empathize with your Thursday mood :)

A good teacher is a gift - and you are a gift to your students. I can remember that light in their eyes too. It's very rewarding!

I took a peek at your lovely stack of hats - you've been very productive!

I'd love to walk that beach and marina with you - the ocean is my happy place :)

many blessings

ellen b. said...

It will be a few more weeks before I make it back. It is great to work as a team in married life. Your students are fortunate to have a good teacher like you, Willow.

Barbara H. said...

You sound like a great teacher. It does help to have good teamwork in marriage. I'd so love to live near enough to the ocean for a quick visit. We have a lake and a river I drove near frequently and that helps a lot.

Gracie Saylor said...

Your fav fives encouraged me to feel grateful as well, Willow. Working with students brought me great joy [and hopefully helped them, too :)] Spinning fiber, watching it twist into yarn is so satisfying. Praying friends are such a gift to me and teamwork is so productive. Thanks especially for the harbor picture reminding me of the seven years I enjoyed living near the sea. xx from Gracie

Jerralea said...

It would lift my spirits to gaze upon that scene during lunch hours, too!

I'm glad you are back - I've missed your posts which are always informative and beautiful.

nikkipolani said...

Looks like you are reaping the rewards of teaching -- lit up eyes and smiles and improved skills. You're right about the blessings of a good team.

Brenda said...

You're back!

Its nice when our marriages get to that familiar pattern where we are just happy helping each other.

I'm always jealous of your beach pics, SoCal has such lovely beaches!

snoopydogknits said...

Hello Willow! What a lovely area to live in, so close to the coast. Your teamwork sounds very much like ours, with Mr S taking the lead in the mornings. I always prepare supper and then we always spend time together relaxing for at least an hour or so during the evening. Love all your little hats!
Enjoy the week ahead! Ros

Susanne said...

I love marinas. There is something about the boats on the water all lined up that is just beautiful to me.

You have such a caring teacher heart. It's wonderful that you can help those students achieve that moment where they get it.

Gattina said...

I wished I could spin ! one of my cats is longhaired and a real cat wool producer ! I think she was a sheep in her former life !
You had a nice week !

Barbara said...

Lovely photo and lots of be grateful for.