Wednesday, November 28, 2012


This evening I am thankful for the rain that has fallen today.  I can't believe I wrote that considering I moved from a very rainy Pacific Northwest climate to mediterranean Southern California on purpose.  I'm not a rain fan.  But today was magical in a damp sort of way.

After teaching, I changed into walking shoes, athletic style pants and a rain resistant windbreaker and walked the paths of the local golf course.  Since it was nearly dark, the course was mostly deserted although I did notice four crazy people hitting wet golf balls on the greens.  Walking (and singing) in the rain is a wondrous thing.  Today's rain wasn't the usual torrents and lashings Southern California normally receives during rain storms.  It was the gentle, misty, Pacific Northwest type of precipitation.  It made me nostalgic.  A little.


Unknown said...

Hujan...hujan..hujan...that's what we have everyday. It's monsoon season, but this year, we got more than our fair share. Most mornings...I wake to a mini pool (garden). I have missed you Kak Willow..but I yam back haha :)

ellen b. said...

Ha! I'm glad it was the PNW brand of rain and not the torrential filling the gutters kind!!

nikkipolani said...

I've never lived where it's rained a lot so I always love it when it rains here :-)