Thursday, November 01, 2012

Little Things

Some weeks it's the little things which make me grateful.  And this month of November is the month of Thankfulness.
Susanne at Living to Tell the Story encourages us to focus on being thankful, every month, every week.

1.  Yes I did spend four days and nights in San Diego with my daughter and her family.  I drove to school, doctor, hospital, pharmacy, church, and store.  I'm thankful I was available to help.

2.  Riding Amtrak to and from was a wise decision as well as beautiful.  On the trip home, the train was not crowded, and I never had to share my seat.

San Clemente Beach at (almost) sunset.

Sunset in Irvine

3.  On Saturday, the fruit people at the farmers market gifted us with yet more bruised apples which we The Professor turned in to yet more dried apple slices. Mmmmmm!

4.  Fortunately, the hot Santa Ana winds we were experiencing last week did not persist.  Our weather has cooled down some, and that has encouraged my garden herbs to make a resurgence.  My opinion is you can't have too much parsley.

5.  It's truly Christmas season now.
Here is proof positive.

It's also Thanksgiving season.  During November many people post daily one thing for which they are thankful.  I am planning to do it.  No promises.

November 1st:  I am thankful that I could talk with my Ohio grandson, New Boy, today.  The first thing he said was, "I want to come to your house tomorrow, Meema."


nikkipolani said...

I love the quieter weeks when God turns our attention to the "little" blessings. You had some good ones this week -- and were a big blessing to your daughter and her family, too!

Hollace said...

I think it's great to be focusing on thankfulness, not just in November but all year, like you do with your favorite fives. That is a great idea.
My favorite thing for Nov.1 was a new granddaughter born at 12:45 AM. We thought she was going to be an October baby but she waited until (barely) November!

Tracy said...

So sweet... phone chats with New Boy. I enjoy taking the train, always have. Let someone else drive, I'm happy to sit back and look out the window all the way! I love autumn. And November is a great time to take a whole month to count one's blessings--I plan on doing just that. :o) Happy Days, Willow ((HUGS))

Barbara H. said...

I'm so glad you were able to help your daughter and family. I've never been on Amtrak -- glad to hear it is a pleasant ride.

That's a sweet conversation with your grandson.

ellen b. said...

Oh that is so sweet to hear from your little guy for sure! It's good not to overlook all the little blessings in our lives as well as the big ones...
Have a good weekend!

roxie said...

Willow to the rescue! ThankGod for you!

With your daily thankfuls, will you also keep up with the Fave Five? I enjoy them so much!

Kathie said...

I wish we had trains here on the Island - they're economic and look so comfortable.

So glad you had some time with your daughter.

Beautiful sky shots.

Oh your sweet boy! Isn't it lovely being a grandma!

Gracie Saylor said...

So glad you were able to help, and also enjoy traveling! Isn't it so wonderful to be a Memaw:) I am grateful that my son and his family in Bayside, NY, and my son in New Brunswick, NJ, were safe through Sandy and grateful for those who are reaching out to comfort and help those who are suffering. xx from Gracie

Bethany said...

I'm glad you had a good trip and are home safely. What a week! We were thinking of taking the train into NYC tomorrow but those plans are cancelled. I'm so thankful that the storms are gone and thankful for people who are helping from all over the U.S. to get the east coast back on its feet!

Jientje said...

I'm sure you're in your daughter's blessing list too this week! Your sunset photos are so beautiful! Have a great weekend Willow!

Faith said...

Yay for good trips, uncrowded trains and little grandchildren talking on the phone!! Thank you for your kind words and prayers regarding my mom and my family.
Have a blessed weekend!!!

Jerralea said...

I love those sunset pictures - makes me think of liquid gold...

So we both rode trains this week - mine was in Illinois. I do love Amtrak. I'm going to see what other routes we can travel in our area.

Marg said...

Sounds like you enjoyed some wonderful day with your daughter making sure she received a bit of pampering along the way. Beautiful photos of the ocean...reminds me of my St. Monica days.

Brenda said...

I agree about the parsley, you can never have too much of it! It makes everything taste fresh!

I have ridden Amtrak a fair bit and I always enjoy it. Very relaxing. I like it better than plane travel.

Susan said...

I LOVE your grandson's proclamation. That must have melted your heart.

It will be wonderful to use the dried fruit slices in the months to come. Hurray to being industrious now in order to enjoy the fruit later!

So glad you had the time to help your daughter and family. I like riding on Amtrak especially when I don't have to share a seat.

Have a great weekend, Willow.

Susanne said...

Love your sunset beach pictures. It makes me really want to go there!

I never thought to turn bruised apples into dried apple slices. Thanks for the idea! We have a drier so I know what I'll be doing.

Yes, Christmas season is upon us. This weekend kicked off the big craft show and tons of open houses. When Starbucks brings it's Creme Brulee latte back I'll truly know Christmas is here! ;v)