Saturday, June 22, 2013

Road Trip: Days 4 and 5

There is so much to share and last night we had no internet connection.  So tonight I can post for both Day 4 and Day 5.

Day 4
 Night #3 we were camped at a Kansas state park just over the state line from Oklahoma. 

Our breakfast view

the lake

We chose this place because of its proximity to Laura Ingalls' "Little House on the Prairie" home in Independence, Kansas.  Arriving shortly after the stated (on the website) opening time, we discovered that the buildings were in fact NOT open.  Nor did anyone show up to open the buildings during the time we were there.  Oh well.  (The link above will show you much more than we actually saw.)

Then it was on through the southeast corner of Kansas by way of Old US Route 66 to see the Rainbow Bridge, the last remaining Marsh Arch bridge.

Then over the state line to Missouri

and on to points East.

Day 5
Mansfield, Missouri.
Laura Ingalls Wilder's home on Rocky Ridge Farm.  

Although photos are not allowed in the home or the museum so we can't show it all to you, we thoroughly enjoyed this visit.  Both of the guides were well informed and obviously enjoyed sharing what they knew of Laura and Almanzo's life there.  This link to the official website will give you more information.

Laura's favorite view

Did you know that Laura and Almanzo's daughter Rose built another home for them?  They only lived in Rock House down the road one mile from Rocky Ridge Farm for 8 years, but it is significant because it was here that Laura wrote the first four books in her Little House series.

More adventures today:

Driving through the Ozarks.  Beautiful scenery but not easy to photograph from a moving car.  Rolling hills covered with forests, curvy roads, farms and houses of varying perceived prosperity.

Shaw Nature Preserve. Near St. Louis. Walking in the rain.

Lots of little bunnies pretending to hide in the green grass

Finally, another state and another Route 66 bridge.
A horrible photo, but we were on a bridge over the Mississippi River so we couldn't slow down in traffic.  And it was raining.

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge over the Mississippi River.  It is possible to walk or bike across the Mississippi on this bridge although we didn't do it.  It was late (7pm) and getting dark.  And it was raining.  (Have you noticed a theme here?)

This is the last part of Route 66 we will follow.

Now we're making a beeline for mid Ohio to see a couple of special someones!

Oh, are you bored yet?  I haven't been bored at all on this trip.  Someone (hi, Caroline!) asked, "Are you knitting?"  Silly question :)  Oh yes.  I packed plenty of projects.  Here are three in various stages of completion.

Handspun alpaca lace shawl.
Every row has 401 stitches.  Size 6 needles.

Pink toddler hat.  I love the simple two stitch cables.

Yes, the variegated yarn really is that bright.  I'm calling these the Circus Clown Socks.

And so to bed...
tomorrow is another day.


Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

Nice travels!
I smiled at your LIW adventures. I had a professor in grad school who loved LIW so much that she visited every place that Laura ever lived, including a room that she rented for a summer and she tracked down graves of people who had died while Laura lived in the area on the assumption that Laura would have attended the deceased funeral. She presented a slide show of all these places; my eyes were stuck crossed by the time she finished!

Barbara said...

Quite a trip and enjoyed it all as so different to here as you know.

As for getting photos organised - seems to be a dream we all have. Well worth it though when we get there.

We are on holiday too. Cold, windy and wet at the moment but hoping for better.

ellen b. said...

Glad you are not bored and that you are seeing some new sites! Soon you'll be hugging your little grand!

Bethany said...

You are having fun! ;) I LOVE the little bit of Laura Ingalls history... what a treat! Hopefully this week won't be as rainy. Have fun in Ohio!!!

nikkipolani said...

Oh, I had no idea you were going so far! That first image is just glorious -- like a never-ending spring.

Needled Mom said...

Everything is so lush and green. I know they have had more than enough rain, but it does make everything pretty. I suppose the humidity is intense as well.

Ann said...

I saw this by looking at your FFF post on Mr. Linky. I saw the Laura Ingalls Wilder home a year ago - here is a link to my thoughts:

. . .and a second post done the next month after I found some pics of Laura Bush visiting the home.

Hope you enjoy reading these as well!

I think we LIW fans ought to have a reunion sometime. :-)