Monday, July 08, 2013

On The Way Home: Day #4

No new states today.  In fact, we didn't even drive to another city.   Late last night we arrived in San Antonio, Texas, and all day today we spent in San Antonio visiting

The Alamo

 Mission Concepcion

Mission San Jose

 and strolling the San Antonio River Walk.


nikkipolani said...

Good memories on the Riverwalk -- though I also recall it was very very warm with high humidity, too.

Willow said...

Yes, the humidity did me in this afternoon. I was definitely wilted.

Bethany said...

That's a lot more beautiful than I would have guessed! This is fun to see a little bit of all that you are seeing!

ellen b. said...

Now you can add more Missions to your list...

Marg said...

I have just come home from ALASKA!
With many surprises!
Anyways I took the time to follow your posts from the beginning of your road trip to the end. It looks like you had one fascinating time.
What really made me smile was your knitting projects. It usually takes me more time organize my knitting projects, needles, patterns than to pack...but I love it.
I purchased myself a real treat from Alaska...It's called's 'gold yarn', from the Muskox animal. I will make a simple lace scarf. I also purchased some local hand dyed murino wool. I always looked for the yarn shops in all our points of visit.
Anyways I loved your journey and seems like you had a wonderful time.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

San Antonio has received great reviews from people I know and it seems like an interesting place to visit. I don't envy you that Southern humidity though. I hear it's quite beautiful around Christmas with all the lights along the river.