Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fave Fives in November

So begins the month of giving thanks which ends in the celebration of Thanksgiving in the US.  I like to focus on gratitude and thanksgiving all year, each week, each day, and Friday Fave Fives helps me do just that.  Here are my faves for this week:

1.  This comment from a friend's facebook page.  It made me LOL.

The worst part of exercising is when I fell like I'm going to throw up and pass out and then the instructor says, "Now that we've warmed up, let's get started..."

2.  I continue my obsession with reading Louis L'Amour books.  As The Professor states, they are not great literature, but every once in a while L'Amour nails it with a brilliant and entertaining sentence:

"His background was unknown, except that it seemed more than probable that it had included a postgraduate course in the unrefined arts of murder, mayhem, and assorted varieties of robbery."  
The Trail to Seven Pines

3.  This week, although I was unable to join in the celebration, a little girl was formally adopted into her forever family.  The Professor and I are 'honorary grandpa and grandma' to this sweet girl and her big sister who also call my daughter 'Auntie Mimi'.  Her mama told me a couple of weeks ago that after October 30th she was giving me permission (and, indeed, encouragement) to post photos of their new daughter. 

Welcome HOME!
Little Miss N with her mama and sister

4.  Yes, there has been knitting.  The last Christmas stocking, which is for The New Boy, is nearly finished.  Isn't it just adorable?

5.  Sometimes it's just serendipity.  I was in the right place at the right time to be gifted this beautiful yarn-- hand spun silk and wool, hand dyed in my favorite blues.  There is 14 oz, certainly enough to make a vest, or maybe a sweater.

What has happened in your week to produce in you daily thanksgiving?


nikkipolani said...

Ah, Willow, you certainly were in the right place for that lovely fiber to land in your capable hands. Congrats to the newest sister in that special family. That mama looks pretty thrilled.

Yes, that stocking is adorable. A perfect match for that adorable New Boy.

Faith said...

What gorgeous children with that pretty mama!! And wonderful news for that little girl and everyone involved. Congrats!! Love the Xmas stocking!! and I'm guessing you are gonna turn that yarn into something equally special. Enjoy your weekend!!

Tracy said...

Such gathering here today, Willow! And especially the new additions to the family--how SWEET they are! SO glad to see those lovely girls! You know, sometimes high literature, it's OK to put it aside. This summer I became addicted to Amish fiction/romances...and am gobbling them up! LOL...The leaves are going fast here, and last weekend we changed teh clocks back. This week I pay special attention to the changing qualities of the light. It inspires new art. It's good to be back in blogland! Things are looking up now, thankfully! Each week feels like Thanksgiving just now! I hope to be around when I can now I'm feeling better, but am online a little less these days. Not such a back thing, a step away from technology--LOL... Wishing you & yours well always & HAPPY DAYS! :O) ((HUGS))

Hazel said...

What a sweet and lovely picture of your honorary granddaughter and her Mom. I always enjoy looking at photos of your knitting. The sock is just charming. L'Amour's line made me smile. I agree - it's brilliant and entertaining.


elizabeth said...

What a gorgeous babY!
Wishing you all blessings and joy!

Monica said...

OH my! That comment made me LOL too!
What a wonderful thing your daughter is doing! Those young daughters of hers are so beautiful!
God bless and if you have time, come join my giving thanks challenge for November!

ellen b. said...

I don't know if I've ever exercised hard enough to want to throw-up. LOL...
Congratulations on being honorary grands!!

Bethany said...

The girls are just adorable!!! Thanks for sharing the photos! And you made me laugh. I decided a couple days ago that I would try to interject comedy into each day because they say laughter is the best medicine. I think my stomach muscles are sore from laughing so much! Your stocking is precious-- lucky little boy! And that new yarn is gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you make with it. I'm very thankful for my family--my mom is turning 70 on Monday and I'm turning 40 for the 7th time too!!! :) I'm thankful for your friendship every day!

Barbara H. said...

#1 had me cringing - reminds me of The Biggest Loser.

My dad was a big Louis L'Amour fan. I don't think I've ever read him.

How neat about the yarn! Looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

Wonderful about the new addition to the family!

Gracie Saylor said...

We both had something especially wonderful to be thankful for this past week, Linda. My youngest Grand, Rose, was born :) Celebration! [It was fun to find out that the blanket cocoon and hat I crocheted for Rose are big enough for her to snuggle in]

I loved seeing the beautiful Christmas sock you made for one of your Grands, and I am interested in seeing what you knit from the lovely yarn you were given.


Susanne said...

Congratulations on the exciting news of the adoption becoming finalized. Such great news! The stocking is very sweet and will be much loved by the New Boy! Can hardly wait to see you make your magic happen with that yarn and turn it into something wonderful to wear.

Gattina said...

I am always happy to hear that an adoption of a child went well. She has a lot of chance !

PS. Usually the hairspray is allowed in the cabine, but my spray was too big ! 150 instead of 100 ml the guy was crazy because on top it was half empty !

Dianna said...

Willow it was so nice to meet you! Thank you for stopping by the blog earlier in the weekend.

The picture you shared is SO precious. I know you treasure it, as well as the people in the photo.

I crochet...and am working on a few Christmas gifts. Your Christmas stocking is SO pretty. Knitting really does a finer piece of work than crocheting when it comes to some things.

Thank you again for coming by the blog!

Jerralea said...

I had to laugh at the exercise comment. I would feel the same way.

What sweet photos of the adoptive family! So special ...

I've never read Louis L'Amour ... maybe I should start.

Kathie said...

I've been there in exercise class!My sil reads L'Amour books but I've never tried them yet. I just read The Light Between Oceans - in one sitting - I couldn't handle the suspense. Too heart-breaking for me . . .

What dear little girls - you ust be so happy for them.

A sweet stocking - it'll be an heirloom. I still have my original stocking.

Lovely yarn - there's a small wool family business near our house. They do everything from raising sheep to selling the wool. I thought of you when I was there.The yarn colours were stunning. I'll have to post it for you soon.

Barbara said...

How gorgeous and looking so contented. Congrats. Grandma.

The Christmas stocking is gorgeous too.