Monday, December 02, 2013

When You Teach Students to Write Similes,

this is what you might get:

"Leah was as pretty as a princess."

"These unusual owls had brightly shining blue and red feathers which were as beautiful as sapphires and rubies."

"The dog seemed as smart as a human."

"Raven who was the toughest, meanest girl in all Ventura, teased her hair so high it looked as big as a beehive.

"He was as angry as a gorilla."

And my all time favorite (for this year):

"She was as worried as a porcupine carrying a bundle of balloons."


Gracie Saylor said...

Ahhh yes, you did save the best for last :) Thanks for posting!
Gracie xx

ellen b. said...

Ha! Love that last one and look out for Raven!!

Bethany said...

These are great! At first I thought you wrote "When You Teach Students to Write Smiles"! And I thought how original! That last one did make me smile! :)

roxie said...

Whenever I hear, "Pretty as a princess," I think of Princess Anne of England. Love the last one. You have a poet there.