Tuesday, October 07, 2014


Eric at Rethinking the Dream posted a few paragraphs this morning on his blog which got me thinking.  He in turn had been inspired by Faith at Minimalist at Home.  Basically this chain of reactions is about 'what do you love sometimes and therefore can do without?'

Of course I have my list.  Photos.  I have a love/hate relationship with them because organizing all the old family photos overwhelms me.  Dishes.  I inherited many tea cups from my mother and grandmother.  I use my favorite mug for tea.  Then I thought of yarn.  Do I love yarn sometimes?

I think I love yarn all the time (or I love almost all of my yarn all the time).  The yarn I don't love at all leaves the house quickly or never makes it in the door at all.  The rest of the yarn--I love.

As I pondered the why of my loving yarn, I realized that I love yarn because all I have to do is mess around with it a bit with my hands and a couple of sticks, and wa-lah!  I have a hat

 or a cowl or a sweater

 or gloves

or a bunny! 

 And these are all useful things.  I love yarn because it is always, ultimately useful.  I can give up the dishes, (some of) the books, the clothes.  But let me keep my yarn.  I love it always, not just sometimes.


Hollace said...

I do love what you do with yarn.

Mia said...

Yes, knitting is such a pragmatic form of art! :o)

I LOVE the colors on those first hats.

Mereknits said...

I am with you, I love yarn all the time, not all yarn mind you but the thought of yarn, yarn in my hands and yarn to peak my creativity. I love books too, reading I could not live without.