Thursday, October 02, 2014

October One

Friday Fave Fives with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story...

The crisp, bonfire, autumn month of October.  It's filled with pumpkins and orange and yellow and brown.  Except here in SoCal where I live.  Today it was 99F, and yes, it was hot.  Those winds from the desert east of us, Santa Ana Winds, were blowing.  While everyone else in the more northern latitudes in North America is facing FALL, it feels like high summer here. Most of the time I am thankful for my mediterranean climate even though we don't participate in the typical autumn cooler days and possibly rainy evenings.  As I sit here sweating with the windows open to catch whatever breeze I can, I am looking back on my week, considering my blessings.

1. An email received from the mother of two former students just letting me know they miss being in my class and still consider me one of their absolute favorite teachers ever.  Made my whole week right there!

2.  Thai food from the restaurant has been keeping us fed for FIVE DAYS!  We ordered two extra dishes when we ate there on Sunday and with our own rice to supplement, the leftovers have lasted us for the whole week.  I appreciate not having to cook while we are in this limbo state of housing.

3.  Of course, if this is Willow's Cottage, there will be fiber related activities.  Currently I am crocheting.  This time it's a granny square blanket for our new little one who is going to make her appearance THIS MONTH!  Will I finish her blankie in time???  I am thankful for a bit of extra time this week to focus on making our little PAL's cuddle blanket.

About half done with the squares
100% mercerized cotton by Tahki Stacy Charles
Size G hook

4.  A real live hand written on paper letter!  Recently I have been corresponding (don't you just LOVE that word?!) with a long time friend from college days.  We've been writing each other LETTERS.  LETTERS WITH STAMPS. LETTERS DELIVERED BY THE POSTMAN.  I received one this week.

5.  Finally, I want  to wish my granddaugher a very Happy Birthday!  Eight years old!

So this has been a recounting of the Five Blessings from Willow's Cottage this week.  Happy Weekend!


Gattina said...

I wished I could change with you and stay in warm summer weather ! I hate autumn !

Faith said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful granddaughter! I could never live where there are no " real" autumns....I love the temps being in the 60s and low 70s and I love having thick sweaters at the end of the cozy!! Then again come February, I'll be wishing I lived in your town😄
We enjoy Thai food and rarely get it.....but when we do....yum!!!! I write real letters back and forth with one of my husband's cousins. In fact, she has NO home computer or iPad or cell phone!! She said she worked for years on a computer and refuses to have one in her home. Lol I love writing letters to her as we rarely see her...she lives in PA. But we are very close and love corresponding the old fashioned way😄 enjoy the weekend!!

Monica said...

Hi Willow! I love the autumn months in Missouri but come January I will be wishing for SoCal weather! :)
Love those granny squares! The colors are so vibrant. Terrific for a baby! I too am crocheting a baby blanket for my cousins baby due in November... Along with practicing knitting. I am making a small scarf for her other little one so she won't feel left out. It's of course all in the garter stitch.
Paper letters are the best! I love giving them AND receiving them. My niece and nephew in Utah are great about sending those. Especially to their great grandma that lives with me.
I always try to tell the teachers that were good and my kids enjoyed that we ALL miss them very much!
Hope you have a cooler and wonderful weekend! Hurray for leftovers!

Bethany said...

It sounds like a great week! Happy Birthday to your granddaughter!!! If it makes you feel better, we've had very hot and muggy weather here-- nothing like Fall! It's supposed to cool down but I'm still in shorts and sandals. I don't think it will be a good year for leaf peeping either. Let's all remember this in February! ;)

Ilene said...

The combination of the colors on the blanket is striking! It must be fun to alternate them to make the squares different from one another.

Barbara H. said...

I guess it is a trade-off - not having winter weather vs. not much of a change of seasons. I'm not fond of winter but it would be hard to give up autumn.

#1 is so sweet. It reminds me it is important to say those things to people and not just think them.

It's such a treat to get real live correspondence in the actual mail!

Happy birthday to your granddaughter!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful favorites. I love it when meals can be extended and enjoyed like your Thai meal. I have no doubts you'll get those squares done and ready in time. Looking forward to hearing about this sweet new addition to your family!

Karen said...

Such a great list! I LOVE the colors in that blanket. Lucky baby! And real letters are a blessing indeed.

Susanne said...

And what a beautiful 8 years old she is! Happy birthday to her. That cuddle blanket has the loveliest colors. I haven't ever had Thai food in a restaurant before. We've got Siagonese, Vietnamese, Korean restaurants but not a Thai one that I can think of. Wow, we don't reach that temperature very often even in summer! I start wilting in the 80's already.

Tracy said...

FUN to see your crochet in progress, Willow--that's going to be a VERY HAPPY blanket... So excited for you & yours about the new family member arriving any moment now!! And what a happy day for your lovely grand daugher! :o) ((HUGS))

Mia said...

Yay! Love PAL's blanket!! We're all so excited for her arrival.

Glad you get to enjoy good Thai food frequently! We tried the closest Thai place to our house with only moderate approval so next time we'll try another spot. ;)