Thursday, January 08, 2015

High Five

Five seems to be the number of the week.  As usual, I am posting my Friday Fave Fives, but before I do, here are my other 'fives':
Number of classes taught: 5
Number of hats knitted: 5
Number of buckets of yard debris gathered: 5
Number of episodes of BBC's All Creatures Great and Small based on James Herriot's books watched:  5

Number of photos taken:  0.  It has been one of those weeks.  I have seen some beautiful sunsets but of course I didn't have my camera with me.  But I have been going through my photos from 2014 and trying to choose some of my favorites.  I'll be posting them over the weekend (so come back and enjoy the views).

Here's one---a favorite sunset photo from January 2014.

1.  We have internet at home!  I am actually posting this from my own house on my own wifi.  After three weeks of enjoying the hospitality of Starbucks internet access, we are finally hooked up to our carrier and we can even watch our favorite TV shows and movies again.

2.  On the topic of TV shows--my nephew and his company were featured on Tiny House Hunting!  So proud of Derin and Shelter Wise, his tiny house company.  We watched the episode on this week.  What do you think of tiny houses?

3.  This week I spent a few hours in the garden and finally cut back the rose bushes.  Believe it or not, there were at least a dozen roses still blooming.  I clipped them and gave them to a home bound neighbor.  Her great joy in receiving them made my day.

4.  We have a new storage shed.  It was delivered and assembled on Tuesday and we are already moving our gardening tools and camping gear in.  The best part is that the shed is slightly larger than our old one so there is room to keep our bikes in there.

5.  I've been in a bit of a funk on knitting--not that I'm not knitting but I was becoming a bit bored with knitting hats and more hats.  Switching to making little hats for the local NICU (newborn intensive care unit)  has got me going again.  I can quickly knit up at least one little itty bitty hat every day.  There's a sense of accomplishment and the pleasure of knowing I am blessing a baby and its family.  And it's bringing joy back to my art.

These are the things that encouraged and blessed me this week.  What about you?


nikkipolani said...

Yay for home wifi!

I'm looking forward to checking out your nephew's tiny house later. I think the idea is so fun (as any girl who, as a child, made a fort in her closet). Sounds like you are settling back in nicely to your own abode and setting things right.

Five buckets of "yarn debris"? Wow. What might that look like?!

Gattina said...

Congratulations to the WiFi ! It's so easy I use my Kindle tablet in my bed, lol ! A garden shed is so practical, we have one too since ages !

Faith said...

oh yay for having your internet back. there's nothing like getting rid of debris. and knitting for babies! how special! glad you're having a great week. happy weekend!

Barbara H. said...

I wonder if that's a new version of All Creatures or the one from several years ago? I had watched some episodes of that one but have not read the books yet (must mend that!)

What a blessing to have Internet at home again! And I can imagine your neighbor's joy at receiving fresh live roses, especially this time of year.

I think tiny houses are neat for certain situations and times, but I don't think I could live in one. I like having space.

When my grandson was in the NICU and sported a variety of knit hats, I thought of you. Those are very useful and very much appreciated.

ellen b said...

So glad you have at home internet again. A new shed is nice, too. Looking forward to seeing your favorites of 2014...

Jerralea said...

How sweet of you to knit hats for the NICU babies! What a blessing to those families.

I love LOOKING at tiny houses, but feel I've already been there and done that with raising 3 girls in a 2 bedroom house. What I'm looking for is medium sized house!

What a gorgeous sunset! It would be hard to top that photo ...

snoopydogknits said...

Glad all is sorted. How did we ever manage without it? Wishing you a happy and healthy new year! Ros

Dianna said...

Glad to hear that you have internet at home again! Starbucks hospitality is great...but there is no place like home!

Your sunset picture is gorgeous...and what a thoughtful gesture to take your roses to a home bound person.

Kyliegh said...

I feel ya about the internet. I did that, linking up at local restaurants- until I was sick of driving! I am in hog heaven now that we have internet at home! Much easier to post in P.J.'s. :)

Mia said...

Yay for Wifi!! :) Though what excuse will you have for Starbucks, then?? ;)

Hope you get out of your knitting funk soon. :)