Thursday, December 03, 2015

In the busyness leading up to Christmas at the end of this month of December, let's pause and continue to be thankful as we were in November.  Giving thanks isn't just of Thanksgiving week.  It's a daily exercise.  Friday Fave Fives helps me focus on that.

1.  I had the week off last week.  It was wonderful to have a few extra days to just relax and rest.  The Professor called it having three days of Saturdays in a row.  In fact, I completely forgot that Friday was Friday until it was Saturday and didn't post any Fave Fives although I did complete the November Thankfulness Thirty Days of Gratitude posts.  I think we needed those rest days.

2.  One afternoon we decided to take 'a real walk'.  We drove to the university and hiked in to an area along a (mostly dry) creek, past the abandoned dairy buildings and into the hills.  It was great to 'take a hike'.  As always, I love finding the flora of our mediterranean climate although there isn't much in bloom in the mountains right now.

California daisy (maybe the chocolate daisy?)


Where we were hiking, we could still see evidence of the fire which swept past our house and through these hills all the way to the Pacific Ocean.  That was two and a half years ago, and we still haven't had any rain to replenish what was burned.

3.  I've often mentioned my wonderful friend and former TA who is now a co-teacher.  I woke up with a headache and knew I'd need extra coffee at class to help me combat it and function well. So what did I do?  After I was in my classroom, I called and left her a message.  Her reply text was, "Latte is a comin!"  She knows what I like and truly blessed me.

4.  Recently I was invited to join a prayer shawl knitting/crocheting group.  It meets only once a month, so it doesn't take up too much time.  I am thoroughly enjoying becoming acquainted with the ladies in the group--people I would likely have never met any other way.  Each month, my friend asks me a knitting question which challenges me.  This time it was, "How do you make a central double increase?"   Hmmmm, we looked at youtube videos, we consulted, we practiced.  I think we got it.  And I learned something new.

5.  A need was expressed in our Adult Bible Fellowship class.  It was a simple request from the 'secretary' who sends cards and encouragement to people who have been sick or absent.  When we found out that she had been paying for supplies and stamps, I asked if there was money in the church budget for it.  The result?  People simply handed me rolls of stamps and bags of cards which they generously gifted to the cause.  These acts of kindness encouraged me.  It was a small thing, but I loved how people simply stepped up and helped.

What blessed you this past week?


Tracy said...

Glad you had some time off--a great treat in these pre-holiday days! How wonderful with your prayer shawl group... And the sweet "save" through your Bible group. In this world where so much feels off-kilter and the news breaks our hearts, such things are a JOY to hear about! :) Today hubby & I are blessed with a free day to add to the weekend, so a long weekend for us! ((HUGS))

Mereknits said...

Thank you for your uplifting post today, I think I needed to read it with all that is going on in the world.

Monica said...

Yes, we should continue to be thankful all year long. Some days it is hard to do but I think Friday's Fave Five helps us to focus on the small things each week that we have to be thankful for! Love your list Willow!

Susan said...

I love the chocolate daisy so much I had to Google it to read more. If ever I get a garden with sun, I am buying some of these plants/seeds. Thanks for sharing what you see. It is often an education for me.

How great to be part of a prayer shawl knitting/crocheting group. What will you do with the shawls? We have a knitting/crocheting group at our church. Besides making things for private use the ladies also donate blankets to Project Linus and to the newborns in our church.

I don't know what a central double increase is, but how cool that you and your friend figured it out. And how cool that you get to look forward to another question next month. Mentoring at its finest.

Your Adult Bible Fellowship class is filled with caring and generous people - awesome to see.

Have a great week, Willow.

Barbara H. said...

The extra days off sound lovely! I'm glad you had some time to relax. When my husband or kids have time off, I get days mixed up, too. How neat that your friend was able to bring you emergency coffee when you needed it. What a wonderful response to the need in your Bible Fellowship class.

nikkipolani said...

I've not heard of these being called chocolate daisies, but I do like their cheerful presence when few others survive our dry dry seasons. Aren't you looking forward to what these areas will look like post-El-Nino?

Your monthly group sounds perfect for you. Not too demanding on the time commitment and plenty of opportunities to connect with like-minded women.

ellen b. said...

You enjoyed some good things and contributed, too.

Gracie Saylor said...

I am thankful for: being alive and safe and warm and fed and loved with family and friends and it is raining and the ponds are fuller yet and Mt. Hood is in a flurry of white...and I have a Savior of Love who I wish those who are bent to terrorize would receive. xx

snoopydogknits said...

Wow! Blue skies and sunshine! Looks wonderful! Ros

Faith said...

how. nice that you got to take a hike! i havent had time since Thanksgiving day but I am hoping to between Xmas and New Years if this mild weather continues. Love all your faves this week! said...

California Daisy is very pretty! All the photos are very great. It looks like nature were you live is very beautiful!