Thursday, August 04, 2016

Fairs, Museums, Birthdays, and More

Hello!  Welcome to Willow's Week in Friday's Fave Five hosted by Susanne.

1.  Reagan Library and the Vatican Splendors.  We spent a lovely day with friends at the Presidential Library and the special exhibit from the Vatican.  So many highlights!  So many moving moments and displays.  But everyone's favorite is always Air Force One and Marine One.

2.  Much of my week has been focused on preparing for and working at our county fair.  Our guild has a booth and I worked there demonstrating spinning the first two days.

(Did you notice the blue ribbon?  Our exhibit earned first place in our division, and we also received an award for education.)

3.  One of the days, (probably because we won the awards), we were featured in our local newspaper.  Every year, every day of the fair, one of the reporters does a story on some part of the fair.  His stories are always fun to read.  Who knew that he would come interview US?  Here's the link to videos and article.  I think everyone enjoys Tom's columns because they're funny and not about negative stuff in the news.

4.  Best news ever:  Son #2 sent a message saying, "Just got my seat.  Almost there!"  and then, "Shutting down over here."  And finally, "On the ground."  Back in the USA!  He has been away all summer researching but is back now.  That makes my mama's heart happy.

5.  In other children news, two had birthdays this week.  Although we can't celebrate in person, we always make sure we all communicate our love and felicitations in calls, emails and texts (and cards or packages delivered by USPS).

How was your week?  I hope you found many blessings!


Faith said...

yay for your blue ribbon and news article!! that fair sounds fun as well as educational!

and thank the Lord your son made it back safely from wherever he was. that is always a thing to be thankful for!

sounds like you had a great week of happiness and celebrations.

Barbara H. said...

The Reagan Library sounds like it would be quite interesting to visit. Congratulations on the blue ribbon! It's fun to see you in action! I had thought the spinning wheel was one of those old big ones - I hadn't realized they made smaller ones. Much easier to lug around! I can imagine the excitement of having your son back on home soil.

nikkipolani said...

Boy, I know that feeling of relief to know a loved one is safely at their destination. We had more than a dozen summer teams to Europe recently and prayed a lot for travel mercies!

Congrats on all the accolades and fun you've had at the fair this year.

Karen said...

You've had a wonderful, full week! We've enjoyed the few presidential libraries that we've visited. My hope is to see them all at some point. How exciting to see Air Force One!

Enjoy your weekend:)

Wendy said...

Congratulations on the award. Sounds like a really good week :)

ellen b said...

Looks like a fun week. Yippee for son's return to U.S. soil. Congrats on the booth's ribbon! That was a funny reporter for sure.

Susanne said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbon win and the newspaper coverage! So nice when the "kids" get back home, isn't it? My daughter will be here next weekend for a very quick weekend but I'll take it! Fun that you got to see Air Force 1 and Marine One. Are they decked out very differently?

1Thess411gal said...

Congratulations on the blue ribbon!! I love the county/regional fair. I only wish it wasn't held in the middle of the sweltering heat of August. A late September/early October fair would be more enjoyable. Still, I think the fair is loads of fun, and I especially love the exhibit area. I even entered some baked goods a few years back.

Oh, I share your joy about your son being back. My kids both live locally, but in July, my daughter and her husband went to visit his family in Texas. They were only gone 2 weeks, but I was like a kid in a candy store when she texted me that their plane had touched down here in Boise. My son is leaving today for a 6-day trip to Hawaii, and though I'm excited for him to be able to do this, I know I will be even more excited when he's back in town. What can I say...I love my kids!

I would love to visit some of the presidential libraries. My daughter visited the George Bush Library on a trip to Texas last year.

Have a beautiful week,
Patti @ Embracing Home

snoopydogknits said...

Congratulations on your success! I love these kind of events; great fun! Ros