Friday, August 26, 2016

Winding Down the Summer

Can it really be the end of August and the end of summer?  Many kids I know (including my littles) are all back in school.  It seems like this week 'just happened' with everything winding down slowly.  All week I thought about Friday Fave Fives and watched for 'those moments' of blessings which I always know are there but I forget to acknowledge them.  So here are my Friday Fave Fives from Willow's Week.

1.  This week the mornings have been perfect for sitting outside with my coffee.  What can be more calming than watching the monarch butterflies and the tiny hummingbirds flitting and flying around the garden?

2.  All of the floors in our house are vinyl tiles which look like tile (I love the look!), but we do have a couple of large area rugs.  So this week, yes, we cleaned them.  The Professor runs the cleaner and I run around wiping up the water around the edges.  We make a great team, we both get a good workout, and our rugs are clean.

3.  I had work done in my mouth by an oral surgeon.  What it comes to dentists and all those guys, I'm a baby.  But this doctor did everything just right to help me, and my time in the chair of torture was very limited.  Win. Win. Win.

4.  The Professor for the Win, too.  He drove me to the surgeon's office, stayed there, drove me home and even bought me soy ice cream.

5.  University classes begin next week, so The Professor has been on campus a few days for faculty meetings.  It's just now beginning to sink in that I'm not just on summer break now--I'm really retired.  I'm excited to plan my days and weeks now with projects, but not too many of them.  Those times spent in the garden (see #1) have been focused on just how I want to do this retirement thing--sifting through my thoughts, making goals.


Barbara H. said...

It is so hard to believe August is about over! Your teamwork sounds like ours. I love when rugs or carpets have been freshly cleaned. I so hate dental work of any kind. Glad your session went well!

Kathie said...

Oh I don't like the dentist either! The quicker I get out of the chair the better!! Glad things went well for you. And very sweet of the Prof.

Sept is really the month you'll feel the retirement freedom! :) I'll be interested to hear your goals and plans as they unfold.

Schotzy said...

All around it sounds like a win win week!

Monica said...

Your morning with your coffee in the garden sound spectacular!!! Congrats on your retirement! I must have missed that somewhere along the line. How wonderful it's going to be to do the things you want to instead of going to work. Oh, I know it's not all fun and games but you control your time (for the most part).
I too am a "coward" of sorts when it comes to the dentist. Apparently I am not as alone in this as I thought.
Hope you enjoy your weekend.

ellen b said...

It is hard for me to think of school starting in August after so many years of traditional school year starting after Labor day. I'm sure you will find many things to fill your retirement days. We are still wondering if Dear is retired. Time will tell.

Mereknits said...

How fun you can just keep enjoying the seasons and not worry about work. Hope your mouth feels okay after your work.

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Enjoy your first autumn season as a retired person! Sounds like you are approaching it with wisdom. Whatever you do, it will be wonderful to have all that time to fill.

Faith said...

Yes it is hard to believe that here in New York we still have just one more week of summer vacation, then the long holiday weekend and then one day until I go back and then Sept 8 my youngest is a senior!! Cannot believe it is her last year of high school. I'm no where close to retirement although by age I sure am (If i had stayed a full time teacher I could have retired this year at age 56) BUT...we sure do need the extra money for college costs. sigh.

I hope you have a wonderful week of planning your projects. I had been thinking of you last week when we had some news while on our vacation about southern CA and a town needing to be evacuated because of fires. Was that anywhere near you??

Happy beginning of the week....and Sabbath..I'm late in getting around to the FFFs.

Susanne said...

Sounds like fun to plan those days of retirement coming up. How nice to sit in your garden with your coffee first thing in the morning. Hope you enjoy many more of those in your retirement.

Gattina said...

Here the school starts the 1st of September for all students except University.
It will last a little while until you get used to be retired ! I think it took me more than a year that in the mornings I had to tell myself that I don't have to hurry to get dressed and go to work ! It's quite difficult to decide what to do when there is no real pressure behind you ! I felt a bit lost in the beginning but now of course I enjoy my retirement very much !