Wednesday, November 09, 2016

A Saturday Hike

On Saturday afternoon, The Professor and I decided that a hike was a great choice of activity.  Where to hike?   Obviously since we live on the edge of the Santa Monica Mountains, it was a easy choice to hike one of our favorite areas.

The main trail in Point Mugu State Park runs from the beach at Pacific Coast Highway just north of Malibu up into the Santa Monica Mountains to Thousand Oaks.  This trail is paved and is very popular with mountain bikers as well as hikers.

It's seven miles to the beach from here.
See that canyon?  In a normal rainy year, there is water in the creek.  These days, it's just dry brush.
The Professor and I walked down to where a secondary trail splits off and follows the creek up to the falls. Then we turned around and hiked back up the trail.

This entire area was burned in the Camarillo Springs Fire three and a half years ago.  You can still see the dead trees and brush although there is new growth sprouting from the ashes and dead branches.

The madrone bushes are growing back.  You can always tell the madrones by their red trunks and branches.

Our Saturday hike was just what we needed.  A few miles of walking in quietness, in nature.


Monica said...

blogger is having issues this morning. Please forgive if this comes through more than once. Hiking is something that I hope hubby and I can get into one day. Right now there is always something or someone that needs our attention. :)
Thank you for sharing this beautiful area here!

Faith said...

To your friend Monica i would say: DON't PUT OFF HIKING!!! if it is children that are keeping you busy, research your area and find family friendly hikes!! I hiked when my oldest was just 6 weeks old. (just a 2 mile loop). Yes I ended up nursing her in nature. it was awesome. It can be done!! There's a famous quote: I don't live to hike. I hike so that I might live". I forget who said it. :)

YAY for hikes!! I'm facing a very busy morning tomorrow so am working on my FFF this a.m. while having some coffee and plan on writing about 2 hikes I've done this last week. hiked from the beach to this spot you show?? That's 14 miles round trip!! I'm impressed!! Such different terrain from my mts here in NY. I love looking at various hiking photos all over the USA. So much fun. Glad you got some nature time. and WOW about the dry creek!!

ellen b said...

Glad you were refreshed from the hike. Brings back memories of hiking those trails to see the big blue Pacific as a treat!

Gattina said...

I prefer to walk rather to hike, especially in this beautiful landscape !