Tuesday, March 07, 2017

An England Adventure, Part 5

The main reason we chose to visit Dorchester was that Maiden Castle is there.  What is Maiden Castle?  It's an Iron Age Hill Fort!

It was a short walk from our bed and breakfast place to Maiden Castle.  Strolling along the path next to the (almost) two lane road, we could see the hill fort looming ever larger and larger in front of us.

The parasailers were becoming larger and larger, too.

We entered through the eastern gate, dutifully read all the signs and then set out to walk all the way around the hill fort.

Breathtaking views were in every direction.

Facing west gazing over the Dorset Downs

The western entrance had a stile to climb.

Do I not have the most beautiful daughter?

Standing on the highest hill

Overlook toward north east and Poundbury

Looking to the east toward Dorchester

Luckiest sea gull in Dorset

If Maiden Castle, this World Heritage site, were the only place we visited in Dorchester, it would have been worth the whole trip.  

But.  There was So. Much. More!


ellen b said...

At first I thought those were really big birds and then I realized they were para somethings. What a great site to hike to and enjoy the views!

A Joyful Cottage said...

A beautiful place and a beautiful daughter. Stiles are such fun. I even love the word. xo

Faith said...

Oh how fun this Maiden Castle site looks to explore!! I love ALL the photos and my husband will like the very last one...he just loves stone walls. I can't wait to show him! You must have had so much fun reading all the history and walking those hills. Delightful....thanks for sharing your trip!

Tracy said...

Oh, how beautiful... So much about the UK makes my heart feel like it's come home. :) Just love seeing from your trip, Willow--thank you!! ((HUGS))

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

It continually amazes me how ingenious ancient peoples were, with nothing but their hands and simple tools, in building massive fortifications and other places, like Stonehenge. Maiden Castle (why that name I wonder?) is a stunning place for us moderns to walk upon, what great views. I guess it has been an "attraction" since AD 43!