Thursday, March 29, 2018

Five Loves

Happy Friday!
I'm checking in with Willow's Week in
with others hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.
It is Good Friday
and Resurrection Sunday!

1.  I love fiber.  Especially fiber I make myself.
Four ounces of wool and silk blend.

2.  I love herbs.  I love learning about them.  I love growing them.  I love using them.



Wooly Lamb's Ear

3.  I love hiking.
Hill Canyon is one of my favorite places to hike.  The Professor and I managed to get in a short hike partway into the canyon this week on an otherwise very busy day.  It was glorious.

4.  I love Lent and Easter, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
 My Lenten Rose has bloomed just in time to celebrate, too.

5.  I love spending time with friends.  On Tuesday, I walked with one friend.  One Thursday, another friend and I spent two hours wandering around a local garden and another two hours chatting over lunch.  

What did you love about your week?


Anonymous said...

I love that I get to take my granddaughter to a Good Friday service, that the weather is warmer, that I sent the baby blanket off to the U P for little James who will be arriving in the next 3 weeks....Mary

Karen said...

It's a little early for herbs to come up here, but nice enough to start working the garden a bit. I have lamb's ear, and it is sure hearty! Can it be used for cooking, or is it just ornamental?

Happy Easter!

Faith said...

I love herbs too and am going to grow Basil again this year and maybe something else. Not sure yet. I love spring and hiking and all of your pics are beautiful!! Yay for lunch with friends and garden walks and that wool is gorgeous!! Happy Resurrection Day!!

Barbara H. said...

What pretty yarn! Glad you had a good week with things you loved. Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

ellen b. said...

I've been a bit frazzled this week but am settling into enjoying getting the hang of Offer Up ap to sell stuff I don't want to move over the mountains. Packing up things that the real estate agent wants out of the house to stage it. And now taking a break from all of that to enjoy baking Russian Easter Bread with family tomorrow, (Paska/Kulich) Planning our last Easter meal at this old house is bittersweet. Beautiful yarn, fabulous hikes and good talks...a great week. Happy Easter to you and yours!

Tracy said...

Happy Easter, belated, Willow! :))) LOVE your handspun--it is gorgeous! And so are all the herbs. I love Lent and Easter too. I think I love this season of the church year even more than Christmas, as the Easter season lasts many weeks. Still basking in the Easter JOY here. We were sick at Easter though, and finally on the mend, so thankful for that! :) Happy Days ((HUGS))