Friday, March 16, 2018

Mid March Happiness

It is time to be back on schedule and at Willow's Cottage, scheduling includes doing my
each week.  Yes, I missed last week, but I am back and ready to jump in again.

1.  I'm very thankful for Gypsy Cold Care tea and echinacea drops.  Fortunately, my cold did not materialize in a nasty way. I credit my herbal teas and drops.

2.  I'm thankful that I was feeling great by Monday because I received a Very. Important. Visitor. My sister-in-law arrived for a five days visit!  We have been buds since high school and then she married my beloved brother and so became my sister-in-law.  Am I not the most fortunate person?  My relative by marriage is a favorite friend!

3.  Sister-in-law had never been to Santa Barbara so although it was raining cats-and-dogs, we decided to go ahead and show-her-the-town.  Our destination was Santa Barbara Botanic Garden and we drove past Santa Barbara Mission.  Usually people don't photograph lovely places in the rain, but I think they are still beautiful.

4.  You know that friend who you can laugh with about most anything?  That's my sister-in-law and me.  When you've been friends since you were fourteen, you have a lot to laugh about.

5.  Daily walks, even in the rain, were favorite activities for both of us.

Oh! And the rain!  Yes, I am thankful for RAIN!


Faith said...

I"m thankful for your rain too!! YAY now maybe your area won't have a severe drought. We definitely won't here with all the snow melt going on! All the major mountain areas in the Great Northeast have had MUCH snow and even here in the valleys we have had alot for this winter.

YAY for best friends becoming family!! that is awesome. and you are can laugh with the ones you've known the longest. A true blessing

LOVE your rainy day pics!!

I find that herbal teas and those drops really do work. Glad you were better in time for your sister/friend :)

Karen said...

A best friend that is now a sister-in-law~! It doesn't get any better than that! I'm sure there was much laughter and lots to talk about in those five days. Your trip to Santa Barbara sounds nice. I've never been there, but a friend's daughter just moved there and it sounds lovely.

Should have started with the herbal tea and drops a week ago. I'm in full-blown cold mode now.

Enjoy the weekend!

Barbara H. said...

That's such a blessing that a good friend became your sister-in-law! It made the whole adjusting to a new family member much easier, I'm sure. Plus now your friend is a family member forever! That picture in the rain looks lovely - the misty quality adds to it. I'm glad you're getting some rain and your cold was not bad.

ellen b said...

Yippee for rain and a visit with Flower. I'm so surprised she had never been to Santa Barbara. Hope your birthday day is fabulous!

snoopydogknits said...

Such beautiful photos! The 'cold' season seems to be going on forever here in the UK. Spring must be just around the corner! x

Anonymous said...

I Love the softness of rainy weather photos. Those were beautiful. What a good friend you are to so many people, dear friend! Mary

Jerralea said...

Gorgeous photos!

So glad you and your sister in law are best buds. I have some good friends in some of my sister in laws, too. (They're all lovely people, just a couple of them are more kindred spirits!)

Glad you are on the mend!

Gattina said...

That is nice that you had your SIL for a week especially if you are friends ! Spring is still far away in Brussels, today it rains for a change !