Thursday, March 01, 2018

In Like a Lion?

March.  A new month.  Here at Willow's Cottage in Southern California, it looks like March will be coming in like a lion tonight with a strong winter rainstorm.  We are not complaining as we desperately need the rain although much of Santa Barbara County just to the north of us is under mandatory evacuation.  We're hoping there will not be a repeat of January's devastation.

And this first Friday in March here are my Friday Fave Fives--with Susanne at Living to Tell the Story who hosts us every week as we reflect on our blessings.

1.  I do love March for a couple of reasons.  It's my birthday month and it's SPRING which means spring flowers.  These flowers are blooming in my garden right now.

                         That come before the swallow dares, and take
     The winds of March with beauty.
                                    William Shakespeare

2.  I love books and saw this on facebook.  I understand that Kindles and audio books have their place, but I love a REAL book.

Benefits of books
 no glare
    no battery
                                                         dog ears (I don't do that; I use a book mark)
          no pop up ads
                                                probably won't get stolen at the beach
      smells good

3.  March also means my garden is beginning to take shape.  Along with last week's tomato plants, I now have snap peas and kale planted.  And the spinach seeds have been put in the starter pods.

4.  The Professor and I took a little break and enjoyed an outing for a coffee.  We each had our drink and a book.  Often, it's those quiet moments that are most refreshing.

5.  Speaking of coffee, I visited a new-to-me coffee place, meeting up with a friend who asked me for help with a knitting project.  Believe it or not, that coffee place is only three miles from my house and I'd never been there.


Tracy said...

LOVELY, colorful moments from your garden there, Willow! Cheerful sights for winter-sore eyes here.:) We do a mix of real books and digital. Some things I can only get digitally as the libraries here don't always have what I'd like to read in English, mostly of fiction. SWEET with mini-date like coffee out with the hubby! We enjoy that too. Wishing you a BEAUTIFUL March celebrating you, and all sorts! ((LOVE & HUGS))

Faith said...

It is 7:05 a.m. I have no school today. They are all closed. Because we are getting hit with a HUGE Snowstorm. UGH! I honestly didn't think this part of NYS would get it. Hubby is out with the snowblower right now and NO ONE has left our street for work. I'm hoping my oldest daughter stays home and doesn't try to drive down to Albany. The weatherman is calling this a Nor'Easter. So yeah, March is coming in like a lion for sure!

LOVE the flowers and in fact after I type this I'm showing my hubby because we need some color in our lives right about now :)

YAY for coffee and book dates....those ARE sometimes the BEST times to get refreshed and the coffee shop looks so nice!

I'm with you on real books. I LOVE going to our library. I rarely buy books unless it's a classic I want to own or a Christian non fiction I want to study. I do have some poetry on my iPAd and Dave reads from a nook and a kindle (yes, he has both...UGH!) but he also reads real books. We are a family of book lovers. We all love reading and holding and smelling them. HAHA...we are book nerds here.

Happy Weekend!

Wendy said...

I much prefer real books although I do have the Kindle App on my phone and ipad. I use the library a lot. Lovely flowers and yes it's good to have a break now and again.

Barbara H. said...

Your flowers are ahead of ours, which I would expect for CA. We're seeing daffodils but not much else just yet. We've been having pretty mild, though rainy, weather, but we're supposed to get down in the 20s again. :-(

Early happy birthday to you!

I do love ink-and-paper books most, but I have come to appreciate my Kindle and always have a current book I am working through on it. I like that with the Kindle app, I always have a book with me if I end up somewhere with unexpected waiting time. Plus I like that I can search for words and phrases if I can't remember where I saw something, and I can tap on an icon and see all of the places I highlighted - handy when reviewing.

Your outings sound fun - glad you were able to have them.

Mereknits said...

Your week sounds just lovely. Hope the storm doesn't cause any damage. Stay safe.

ellen b said...

I heard those rains didn't cause much damage at least to Westmont which is good news. Trying to visualize where that coffee shop is 3 miles from you. Hope you have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are such vivid colors. Your camara seems to be working well! Mary

Gattina said...

We have snow and it's very cold, flowers and green grass are not in sight yet ! Fortunately I had that cut in Egypt. Living there the whole year is too hot ! It starts in May and July and August are terribly hot not for us Europeans ! But I have met a lot of widows who stay 3 months in this hotel because it is cheaper than staying home and pay the heating and electricity etc. There they have a special price live in a palace like hotel and everything is included ! British and German ladies mostly and they meet there for the winter ! not a bad idea if you are completely alone !

Susanne said...

Such cheery flowers. Makes me happy to look at them. A new coffee shop...score! The book and coffee date sounds just perfect.