Friday, February 23, 2018

February Faves

Friday Fave Fives

Even if I don't post anything else on my blog during the week, I think it's important to share my Five Faves of gratitude every Friday.  Susanne hosts this weekly group of thankful people HERE

1.  Yes, more hiking faves this week.  The Professor and I are taking advantage of the days when our weather is warmer.  I realize that warmer is a relative term. My apologies to all people suffering with snow.  Our 'cooler' temperatures are more like balmy-ish spring days for many.  It did get down to FREEZING here over night a couple of nights.  But we do try to fit in hikes when we can.  One afternoon we walked from the local mall to where we thought we could enter the Conejo Valley Botanic Garden only to discover a locked gate.  So we returned to our car and drove around to the entrance and hiked for just a bit there.  The garden is small but is connected to a park and baseball field.

2.  We had heard that there was a path on the south side of Calleguas Creek but had never found the entrance point for the lower section of it.  So one day we set out to explore.  We hiked along the edge of the dry creek bed

and came out on a major road.  Thinking we could continue east, we were deterred by this:

Oh well, it was a great hike and we learned more about our city's walking paths.

3.  Gifted yarn.  Other people's leftovers become more hats.  This yarn will soon be turned into NICU and children's hats.  Already I have made a few and sold several (six!) NICU hats to a friend who will gift them to her pastor's new premmie son.

4.  I love those texts that say, "Hey, do you have time to skype with PAL?"  Of course!  We always have time to skype with our sweet grandgirl!

5.  We scored two plants of our favorite cherry tomatoes.  The local hardware/nursery had just put them out that day and we just 'happened' to stop by to look for something else and spotted them.  They're already planted and thriving.

So that was Willow's Week of Wonderful Blessings.  How was your week?


ellen b said...

Good job getting out and about and discovering. Sweet colors of yarn perfect for little preemies heads! Have a nice weekend.

Barbara H. said...

That yarn looks nice and springy! We get texts like that, too - even though we live in the same town. :-) It's nice to be able to visit that way in-between in-person visits.

Faith said...

Those colors of yarn remind me of spring time!

YEAH for exploring more walkways in your city. for me, I HAVE To have my mountain trails. But....for this weather...wet, muddy, and often rainy as we head into March, I do go to our city and suburban parks and walk/hike. sometimes I bike if it's sunny and over 45 degrees!

How fun to skype with your granddaughter.

ENJOY the weekend!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Tomato plants sound lovely. We are still way too cold here for planting. I am eagerly anticipating spring though.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

We have had cold and snow for a couple of weeks, but it is warming up to the 50's and 60's again. It has been another warm winter in Colorado and the ski resorts are not happy about it as snowfall was low. I had the flu, so did not walk for two weeks, and feel it! I need to get back on track again and do my two miles a day.

Thank you for the nice letter you sent recently! I have not had a letter come in the mail in ages and it made me smile to receive it. I miss letters and should write more myself.

nikkipolani said...

Sounds like a great week, with sunshine and ‘winter”. I know many people make fun of us winter-wimps, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying sunny hiking weather in February!

Susanne said...

Home grown cherry tomatoes are the best! All those little hats that wonderful yarn will make! It's always fun to explore new paths. Enjoy that lovely weather.