Tuesday, July 10, 2018


June and July have been/are months to finish projects.

I have had this afghan on my needles for several months a while.  Made with some leftover grey, cream and very bright yellow acrylic yarn (Simply Soft), the blanket sat around in a drawer waiting for me to find another skein of the yellow to finish it up.  I couldn't find the right color in any local store in my area.  So when I went east in the winter, I first raided my daughter's stash but that didn't produce quite enough yarn in that brilliant yellow.  Finally, I found a skein in one of her craft stores.  It still took a few months for me to remember to pull it out and finish it.  The color combination looks okay although the yellow isn't really my color.  Most likely, it will end up on my daughter's sofa because she loves these colors.

I spent several evenings practicing my weaving on my new to me loom.  The result is three tea towels.  Don't ask me the EPI because I don't know.  A friend warped the loom for me and I just followed instructions.  Over the weekend I cut the towels off the loom and then pulled out my sewing machine to hem them.  For a first project they are okay.  Don't look too closely.

On the needles right now are hats (of course) and a new bunny which I'm knitting for a friend.


Rowan Tree Cottage said...

Well done for finishing the afghan Willow. It is hard to have enthusiasm for something not quite in your colours when you lose momentum. Great that you have been able to weave your own tea towels! I am so impressed! I want to try tablet weaving this year but the book I bought is offputtingly technical. I will resort to youtube videos. They were how I finally learned how to crochet.

Tracy said...

Hi, Willow! So great to catch up with you here! With hubby TJ having some time off in recent days, our days and schedule are all over the place, but in a great way! We're enjoying a little staycation with some fun at home and a bit of out & about. But my online time is a lot less at the moment... LOL! ;) Such fun to see what you've been making. The blanket is wonderful--and love the colorblocking! Your handmade tea towels are AMAZING--so beautiful!! VERY impressed!! :) Since I finally got the hang of knitting socks, I've gone sock crazy and all I want to make are socks... LOL! But I have yarn to knit a summer top wich I will start soon. And I have a blanket on my crochet hook that has been in progress a very looong time... :/ Happy Making :))) ((HUGS))