Friday, September 14, 2018

Encouraging Words and Deeds

Hello, Friday!  And Hello, Friday Fave Fives!  A busy week here means not much less was blogged about.  But I still maintain my habit of posting Willow's Week with Five blessings.  You can follow THIS LINK and read other FFFs and maybe post yours, too.

1.  So, my sister-in-law knows me.  She knows I love to read.  Last weekend, she handed me two, TWO!, books in a series that she knows I am currently reading.  She found them for free and snagged them for me.

2.  Finally, I pulled the trigger.  I bought a small table loom!  It is called a Cricket Loom.  Fifteen inches wide. So I can weave more kinds of things on it.  This is not my exact loom--just a photo of what it looks like.  Now I just have to set it up and 'warp' it (that means putting the long yarn threads on it).

3.  Back to walking.  I am happy to back on our normal walking routine--two to three miles of up and down streets in our neighborhood in the early evening.

4.  I have been so very encouraged by sweet comments others have made about me to my husband.  I am not mentioning this to be proud!  I am reminded of how much it means to me, and it reminds me to pass on kind and encouraging comments to other people.  If those things mean so much to me, maybe my encouraging words will help someone else through their day.

5.  Rides.  Currently, we have one car at home as our second car is being used by a friend.  One day this week, The Professor and I both needed to be in two different places.  A friend who lives in my neighborhood gave me a ride to our Bible Study.  I really truly appreciated her willingness to help me out!

How about you?  What FIVE things can you pick out of your week that encouraged you?


Ann said...

I love your loom. I'm a yarn lover, but more along the lines of crochet. Happy projects to you!

Dianna said...

You have a wonderful sister-in-law! Especially when she knows the kind of books you are reading and comes across some to give to you.

That loom looks so nice...and tempting. I would love to learn something new this winter. I crochet, but I'd like to try something new...just not certain what yet.

How nice that others comment to your husband about you. It never hurts to speak kind and encouraging words to another.

ellen b. said...

Those are five great encouraging deeds and things to be thankful for.

Wendy said...

It's always nice when people show they appreciate something or someone. Often people are so busy they only take time to complain about things but sometimes just a few kinds words can have such a big impact. Good luck with the loom. Will be interested to see what you create with it.

Barbara H. said...

What thoughtfulness from your sister-in-law! I trust the loom will be fun! I need to get back to walking. There is so much negativity in the world, it's nice to hear some positive feedback. That reminds me that I need to let people know when I notice something good about them.

Mereknits said...

I have an Ashford loom the same size, you are going to love it. Enjoy!

Faith said...

giving and receiving encouraging words is a true blessing.

An Encourager is a gift found in Corinthians.

So thoughtful of your sis in law to give you those books so you can continue the series...which series are you reading?

Oh I love walking in the evenings.....right after dinner...although it's already starting to get dark out by the time we are done (we eat around 6:30 and linger until about 7:30). I think I'm going to have to start having dinner earlier during the work week.

Sounds like many people encouraged and blessed you this past week!!

Gattina said...

This little loom is really great ! Doesn't take much space !

Schotzy said...

Your loom looks amazing... My great grandmother had a building with her loom where she made all the material she needed for clothing and household linens and quilts. I doubt I have the fortitude to stick to actually creating anything on a loom, but
I think it is wonderful you are engaging in this.. Also, kudos to getting back into walking.. I so need to develop a desire for more walking.

Schotzy said...

To answer your question, I do have a very antique quilt., she naturally dyed all the wool and wove it into various patterns. Even the back of the quilt is handmade from scratch and the inner lining is wool. . I also have a gorgeous white piqu counterpane with home tatted e at the top. There were so many descendants I feel quite blessed to have these.

Unknown said...

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