Tuesday, February 05, 2019


Karen at Over the Backyard Fence mentioned that she was doing a daily writing challenge in February to help her get over the blues hump of blogging.  I've been feeling a bit like that so I figured I'd jump in and at least try to write something most every day. Note: I didn't write anything on Saturday, Sunday or Monday because I just decided today to do this.

Karen wrote about how she keeps track of her week.  My way is similar but different.

I use 3x5" cards to write out my daily to do list.  I used to make a weekly list on a card but lately I haven't done that probably because The Professor and I keep our shared calendar on our phones.  That works well for us since we also share a car and need to make sure that we don't schedule over each other at times we both need the car.  Whenever either of us is scheduling anything, we immediately write it on to the phone calendar.  Hence the need for a 3x5" card weekly list is redundant.

Back to the daily card.  Either the night before or the morning of, I write down my to do list below the day's date.  My list includes emails I need to send, appointments, gardening, cooking, whatever is on my schedule.  For example, one day I may have a physical therapy appointment, but I want to work my shopping or a post office run around that time so I can be more efficient with my time and gas.  So the whole list gets written down including times if appropriate.

How do you keep track of your schedule?


nikkipolani said...

You are significantly more organized than I am. My workday is ruled by meetings and emails. My goal each day is to zero out my inbox. My other activities are tucked into pockets of time. Grocery lists are on my phone, and of course the calendar. But actual to do list? I don’t keep one.

ellen b. said...

I need to get back to my memo pad list of things to do for the week. I haven't gotten used to using my phone for calendars or lists...

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