Thursday, February 21, 2019

Good Medicine

Hello Friday!  What a week it has been.  It just flew by and I'm barely keeping up.  The best part though is that I was able to stop and smell the daffodils (from my garden)

and laugh a bit.  That's why I am posting my Friday Fave Fives.

Have you heard that statement, "Laughter is the best medicine"? This week, I noticed several things that made me happy, made me smile and made me laugh.

1.  Saturday when we shopped at Trader Joe's, we noticed there were kids wandering around the store dressed in Hawaiian shirts, accompanied by store employees.  It was 'take your child to work' day!  The kids were helping in all kinds of jobs--serving snacks and stocking shelves.  Cuteness overload!  We loved it!

2.  Our nephew has two children, a boy and a girl.  Since they live not so very far away, we are often invited to dinners and birthday parties.  This week, we received thank you notes from them for the books we gave them last month.  They made us smile.

3.  We also received the cutest Valentine card from our PAL.  She's only four but she quite neatly wrote her name on it.  Awwww.  A little card like that can produce the biggest smiles from her Meema and Bapa.

4.  So.  I live in coastal Southern California where weather is steady, temperatures seldom fluctuate much and, according to legend, the sun always shines.  But.  This week.  On Thursday, we had HAIL. And SNOW on the coastal mountains--not more than 10 or 15 miles from the Pacific Ocean (Boney Peak--over 2,800 ft).  We drove over to a nearby national park (Satwiwa) and walked in to take some photos.  The place was packed with other people doing the same thing.  Yeah.  Snow on Boney Peak is a bit unusual.  It was so much fun to see it, and everyone we talked to was so excited.

See it?  It may not be much and it probably has already melted away, but it is amazing and unusual for us.

5.  Down in town there wasn't snow.  It was HAIL!  A friend posted on facebook that her son, after seeing the hail, asked his mom, "Is this a national disaster?"

Are you laughing now?  It's good for you!


Tracy said...

Hi, Willow... always so nice to catch up with you here! Little kids in Hawaiian shirts--too CUTE, for sure! Meema and Bapa--such great names for you & the Professor. WOW... you had hail and snow??!! Each season brings special things... ;) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Faith said...

Is this a national disaster???!! O.m.goodness that made me burst,out loud laughing. Show him MY photos from this past week in the mountains. 😜 Seriously, how fun though to go to the park and see so many excited people and no matter where we all are, Gods handiwork is amazing isn't it?

That valentine must be so precious to you,

And yay for Trader Joe's having take your child to work day!! So fun!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend of continued smiles.

Dianna said...

Your post of blessings from this week made me smile, Willow!

How exciting to see snow on Boney Peak! It reminded me of a time several years ago when our grandson was here in WV and was able to see and play in the snow for the first time. He was about age 7 or so. He had been born and raised to that point in his life in Mexico City. :)

How kind that your nephew's children wrote to you and your husband thank you notes. It is wonderful to know that there are parents that still teach their children to do such things.

The Trader Joe's experience sounds like a lot of fun, too.

I actually chuckled at the comment your friend's son made about the hail and wondering if it was a national disaster. :)

Thank you for sharing your smiles with us, Willow.

Karen said...

Yes, laughing out loud at the 'national disaster!'

I love that so many people shared in the wonder of seeing snow on your mountain. That just makes me smile. We all need more of that. Just like the kids at Trader Joe's and your nephew's children . . . those little people remind us to be more joyful.

Great post!

ellen b. said...

Yes, I am laughing. We got photos vis text of the snow in Santa Clarita. Grandniece and grandnephew were soooo excited. We are now 70 miles from the nearest Trader Joe's...sigh. Hope your weekend is "national disaster" free. :)

Wendy said...

Definitely laughing! Thanks for sharing that and the other good things from your week. Enjoy the weekend.

Susanne said...

Kids give me the greatest chuckles. If you ever want snow just let me know. We have plenty to spare.

And what a small world. Medicine Hat is about an hour and a half to the east of us. Pretty soon you'll be telling me you met my neighbor. LOL.

Barbara H. said...

Funny about the hail. It can sure seem like a disaster when it's coming down! Sweet to get a card from your PAL and thank yous from your nephew's children. Nice of Trader Joe's to let the kids come in and do things.

Mereknits said...

That was very funny. Have a beautiful week.