Saturday, March 02, 2019

Fave Fives, Finally

Oh my.  I am very late with my Friday Fave Fives this week!  But, quickly, here they are.

1.  Rain.  Are you tired of reading that I am thankful for rain?  Well, we've been in drought conditions for years (maybe seven or eight?) and finally, the official word came out this week that our county is now No. Longer. In. Drought.  For an agricultural area, this is a huge blessing.  And as I am writing this, it is raining lightly. The best kind of rain.

2.  On Sunday, the women (high school and above) had lunch together after church.  The menu was very versatile and everyone had something they could eat.  The speakers were from our church.  I was sitting with several younger women, some whom I didn't know well--it was great to talk with them and learn more about them.

3.  Those women--we are all book lovers!  During our conversations, one younger woman pulled out a pen and wrote down everyone's suggestions for good, clean historical novels.  Then on Tuesday, she texted a couple of us the list.  I may have already popped over to the library to check out one of the authors...

4.  I am so thankful for cell phones.  Both of my daughters called me and talked for a long time this week.  Just wanted to hear my voice.  Phones make that possible even though we are thousands of miles apart.  It made my heart happy to hear their voices, too.

5.  An elderly gentleman who is friends with us made a comment about some events and people he has observed during his long life.  His final statement was, "So, don't be a grump."  Simple and true.

I didn't take a single photo this week. (must correct that!)  But here are some pictures taken during this week over the past years.  I realized that spring is a little later this year as in other years the flowers have already been blooming.  Enjoy!


ellen b. said...

Your lunch after church sounded nice and rewarding. Love that last line from your elderly don't be a grump! Great advice! Happy March to you! Maybe we should start celebrating already. :)

Mereknits said...

I am sure those lovely women enjoyed your company just as much as you enjoyed theirs. Have a wonderful weekend.

Susanne said...

Love that final statement from your elderly friend. Need to paint that on my wall. LOL. How nice to sit and get to know some new ladies. Sometimes it's hard to step out but very rewarding. I smile when I hear you talk about rain in your area. So wonderful that you are no longer in drought!

Karen said...

How wonderful that your area is refreshed with the rain! The closeup picture of the pink and white flower is beautiful. Isn't it great to be around others who love books? People who share the love of books are never at a loss for conversation. Conversations with our adult kids are the best! Thanks for your comment on my last February post! It seems we have the same housekeeping style!

Wendy said...

So glad you are getting the much needed rain. It's raining here today but we've had a lovely mild sunny spell so I'm not complaining. Yes keeping in touch is so much easier these days, definitely a blessing if loved ones are far away. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Faith said...

So happy your area is finally getting the rain! I'm hoping for rain this week and NOT snow. hahaha

Love all the flower pics!

How wonderful to get together with the other women for lunch, special sermons and finding new books.

I love when my youngest girl calls me on the phone.....usually nowadays it's texting but we did tell them that when they went to college we expected one phone call a week. :)
isn't it nice to hear from them??

Happy Sabbath day!

Tracy said...

Sooo thankful you've been getting a lot of good rain! What a HUGE BLESSING that you are out from under the struggles of drought--wow! It is lovely to see how spring is unfolding there. How nice your ladies lunch! Would you maybe share your good, clean reading list here? I'm always looking for some good, clean fiction. :) Thanks so much for visiting at my place, Willow... and for your friendship through the years. I'll still be blogging sometimes, justly not every week. And I'll be around here, no worries. ;) Oh, and thank you for the Lent reading recommendation! Happy Weekend & Blessed Sabbath! ((HUGS))