Friday, March 08, 2019

Spring is Springing

It's (almost) Spring!  And it's Friday, so it's Friday Fave Five time.  I hope you have had a good week.  I know I have!  Here are my Fave Fives for this happy springish week.

1.  After the last rainstorm (yes! another one, and this time there was thunder and lightning!), we have had sunny skies.  And flowers.  I know it is spring when the coreopsis and wild mustard are blooming.  Everything is GREEN and YELLOW.

2.  And ORANGE. California poppies always make me happy.  Do you know what time of day I took this photo?  Hint:  poppies are 'light sensitive'.

3.  March is my birthday month.  It's also my friend's (Blueberry Lady).  So we are planning our March lunch together.

4.  One evening I called my sister-in-law who lives in our town and said, "Come to (inset our favorite Mexican restaurant name) cuz we haven't had dinner and a chat with you for a long time."  We convinced her, and we had a wonderful time.  Our favorite server was surprised to find out that sil and The Professor are siblings--she has thought all these years we've been eating there together that we were just really good friends (which we are).

5.  Speaking of sisters-in-law, my brother's wife has been my friend since we were in late middle school.  One day this week, we chatted for over an hour.  So much fun!  I'm thankful for my family!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh just look at all that beautiful green grass and flowers. We have had nothing but snow and cold here. I am so longing for spring.

Wendy said...

It is definitely Spring! Lovely pics and I'm also grateful for some wonderful sisters-in-law. Enjoy your weekend.

Dianna said...

Family is so important and it is wonderful to hear of the sweet relationships you have within your family circle, Willow.

And spring is coming! Yay~

ellen b. said...

Those hills are alive! :) Love that fact and how the rain has made it so. Hope you and Blueberry lady have a great birthday lunch! We are making the drive to Spokane to try a new restaurant to us for my birthday dinner celebration. We'll meet up with the kids for Mexican on another evening to celebrate with them, too. Hope you have a good weekend.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday month! Those green hills look like Ireland. That's so great that your friend is also your sister-in-law (or vice versa). I always wanted my best friend from junior high to marry one of my brothers so we could be 'sisters.' haha! But it worked out well in and we are still friends after 48 years.

Faith said...

Happy Birthday and wow...I'm gazing at my deck with a fresh new layer of 2 inches of snow and i see your green and yellow photos!! My deck was totally bare as of 8 pm last night. But the snow has stopped, its warming up and rain later. Weird weather in the Northeast for sure.

How fun to get together with good friends and family members for good meals and conversation. It's one of my faves as well.

Happy Sabbath day!

Barbara Harper said...

What beautiful spring scenery! Happy birthday month! :-) Hope you have a fun birthday lunch. Glad your s-i-l came out to the impromptu lunch. How fun to have a longtime friend as a relative!

Tanza Erlambang said...

the views with wild flowers look so beautiful.
have a great day

Susanne said...

Happy birthday. I have 2 friends who have March birthdays so we'll be doing lunch too. Can hardly wait till we see the green too. Still looking at white, though it is melting quickly right now. California poppies are a favorite!