Friday, April 19, 2019

Back on Track

It's Good Friday!  I'm finally back online to share my Friday Fave Fives with you all.  Did you miss me?  Did you even notice I was absent?  I hope so!  Here are my Five Faves from the last four weeks!  (Was it really that long?)

1.  If you read my previous post, you will know that we spent three weeks in England. Yes, England!  Because our daughter wanted to take The New Boy on his first international trip during spring break, we tagged along to share the experience with them, and then we stayed for another twelve days to visit more new places.  I am thankful to this wonderful opportunity!

2.  I'm thankful for safe travels to and from England and all around the country.  We rented a car for the first week, we rode trains, and we hopped on and off the tube in London.  That was a lot of traveling, and I never take safe travels for granted.

3.  I'm thankful for good friends.  Because of a theft of cards, etc, we had to close our accounts, and people helped us by paying for accommodations and sending cash.  I am so very thankful for good, good friends!

4.  As usual, our friend picked us up at LAX, even in the midst of a huge airport traffic jam, at 11pm!  That's a true friend!  Then she drove us to her house where our car was parked and we hopped on a mostly 70 mph freeway and made it home safely at 1 am.  I'm thankful for yet more wonderful friends and a successful last leg of our trip.

5.  Have you noticed that there aren't any photos here yet of our trip?  Yeah, well.  I bought a new camera just a day before we left, and I pushed the wrong button (I 'knew' what I was doing, but not the result), so four days of my photos have not been easily accessible to edit and put my copyright mark on them.  What I'm thankful for is that The Professor is working on a solution.  The photos should be available 'soon'.

Happy Easter to all my friends who celebrate Easter!


Wendy said...

Look forward to hearing more about your trip. Sorry to hear about the theft though. That must have been a worry at the time. Happy Easter.

Faith said...

Oh I'm so sorry to hear your cards were stolen! that's awful and such a mess to sort through. So glad you had friends to help out.
So glad you made it over and back safely too. We don't take that for granted anymore do we??


رامز المثاليه said...
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رامز المثاليه said...
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aspiritofsimplicity said...

It sounds like a wonderful time! What a treat to be able to travel with family.

Barbara H. said...

How neat to share this trip with your grandson! Sounds like a great trip! I know what you mean about not taking travel safety of any kind for granted. It's hard enough to have to close accounts while home - I can't imagine that happening while out of the country! Glad everything worked out ok!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting back to reality. I hope you didn’t miss the stunning wildflow displays I have read about. Mary

ellen b. said...

Glad you made it there and back again with fond memories. sorry about the theft of cards, etc. I trust Easter was glorious!

Tracy said...

WOW... wow...England!! I'm sooo thrilled for you that you were able to go back to such a treasured place, and enjoy it alongside family! Oh, but not fun with the theft... and lost photos! Looking forward to your photos "soon"! :) Wishing you & yours a beautiful & blessed Easter Week, Willow ((HUGS))