Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Exploring England, Part 1

Are you ready for this?  Lots and lots of photos of England!  Be ready to be amazed and fall in love!

The Professor and I planned this spring trip to England so we could travel with World's Best Neighbor and with The New Boy and his mama.  We all met up at Heathrow airport and hopped the express train into London.  World's Best Neighbor waved bye to us and joined her husband's cousin for a visit.  Then we climbed aboard our Night Riviera train to Penzance.

May I say that I fell in love with Cornwall!  There is a caveat to that statement, though.  We found the roads in Cornwall to be...challenging. Narrow. Windy. Sometimes scary. Like when you meet another car on the one lane road with stone walls on either side.  The Professor navigated them with amazing ability.  I'm glad it wasn't me driving.

Lanes and roads notwithstanding, we all four loved Cornwall!  What do you know about Cornwall?  It is famous for tin mining and the birthplace of industrialization, for pirates (think Pirates of Penzance), for Cornish pasties, for remote moors and beaches, for ancient barrows, for legends about King Arthur.

We gave ourselves only two days in Cornwall so we had to choose carefully where we would go.

Cape Cornwall is almost the farthest west spot in England.  Land's End beats it by four miles.  But oh! The views!  I could live here!
Looking over the cape toward the Atlantic Ocean

That smoke stack tower?  You can hike right up to it.

Yeah. I could live here.

Walled gardens overlooking the beach and sea. 

Even a greenhouse!

While The Professor and I hiked to the tower, The New Boy and Older Daughter scrambled down to the beach and wandered around.

The view across to the other side of the cove!

There was once a church in this field.

This is just the beginning!  So. Much. More. To. See.  Come back for a continuing tour of Ballowall Barrow, Ancient Tors,Tintagel...


Flower said...

What a dream place!! I long to go there! So glad you have had that opportunity and now we all get to see from your travel pictures! We'll enjoy seeing it all!!

Faith said...

my husband has been to England.... for work in Sussex and Newcastle. I've always loved looking at photos of Cornwall and it is on my bucket list for one day...along with London of course!!

Loved all your photos!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for “journaling” your trip to England for us with photos and words. It’s a great pleasure. Mary

Wendy said...

Oh yes the roads are definitely a challenge! Looking forward to the next instalment.