Friday, September 27, 2019

Wrapping Up September

Happy Friday!  Let's be thankful!  Here is Willow's Week in Five Faves.  Friday Fave Fives is the link to Susanne's blog and you can join in.  I know the first question is--is your house sold?  Nope.  There is an open house tomorrow (Saturday) so if you inclined that way, do pray for the right person to purchase our house at the right time.

1.  Hike to Paradise Falls.  Six miles round trip.  We often hike in Hill Canyon which is about eight miles from our home, but we had never taken the side trail to Paradise Falls.  It is definitely worth the distance.

 It's not easy to catch a photo of the whole falls (two sections) because of the way the stream drops from the edge of the canyon.  Also, poison oak grows prolifically in the area, so I don't like going off trail much even to get a picture.

I posted a couple of photos on social media and one of the responses was amazement that there was WATER in the creek.  Southern California + September = DRY.

2.  Being reminded of all the connections I have on social media, I was thinking this week about how thankful I am that I attended a small Christian college and that I am still in contact with many of my classmates. We are scattered all over the world, but through emails, letters and mostly social media, I know that one is at Rocky Mountain National Park, another has just returned home from England, and one of our professors is having health problems and needs our prayers.  It encourages me to still have those connections.

3.  What is better than several phone calls from my adult kids?  Not much!

4.  World's Best Neighbor called me and said that she was at CBTL and did I want to meet her there or should she bring me a coffee?  I elected to dash over to our favorite CBTL hangout, and we chatted for awhile and solved the world's problems and also made some short term plans for decluttering and organizing at her house.

5.  I had a doctor appointment (everything is fine!), and when I was in the waiting area, I sneezed.  Two ladies said, "Bless you!" and "Gesundheit!"  That started a conversation about language and history, and I discovered that one of the ladies was the daughter of Holocaust survivors.  And of course that moved the conversation in the most amazing directions as she told their story.  How thankful I am that I lived in a FREE country!

That wraps up Willow's Week and can you believe it that this wraps up September?


Faith said...

What wonderful faves!! Yay for a hike to Falls!!!

Whatmis C BTL????

PrayIng the Lords favor on the house selling.

Anonymous said...

That must have been a fascinating conversation. I would love to have heard it! The time in the mountains was wonderful with Elizabeth’s family. We had some fun hikes and saw stunning beauty. Praise God, from Whom all blessings flow...Mary.

Mereknits said...

Sounds like a beautiful week my friend.

Barbara Harper said...

I think because of social media, we probably keep in touch with folks we used to know more than at any other time. It's nice to be able to know rather than wonder what various ones are up to.

Nice to have an impromptu coffee get-together! Interesting conversation at the doctor's office! And yes--hearing from our kids is the best.

Wendy said...

I hope the open house goes well today,

Jocelyn said...

Isn't it amazing how a conversation with strangers can lead to so much learning and sharing? Thank you for sharing your week's good things! I hope that the open house goes really well.

ellen b. said...

Sounds like a good week. Hope you had a good turnout today for your open house!

Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

I agree, not much is better than phone calls from adult children.
What a blessing it is this year to have plenty of water In California. Your hike looked beautiful and what a satisfying time it must’ve been. It is nice to get in these hikes to places you haven’t been while you’re still here.
Your neighbor is blessed to have you as a friend and as a Decluttering buddy. How cool that you guys solve the worlds’ problems. I’m hoping the changes take affect any day now. LOL
Social media is, Infeed, a great way to stay in touch with people who live all around the world. That is the main reason I love being on social media. Oh, and I love the photos of my grandkids.
I prayed for your open house. And I’m looking forward to hearing the news that it is sold.
Have a good week.
Blessings from Susan at FruitfulWords

Susanne said...

What an interesting conversation that must have been with the holocaust survivor's daughter! Phone calls from adult children are like gold in my world. None of them seems to like talking on the phone much so when they do call it's precious. That looks like a gorgeous hike with a nice reward at the end. Don't blame you for staying on the trails!