Friday, October 04, 2019

October Week One

Welcome!  Willow's Week One of October.  Here is the link to FRIDAY FAVE FIVES.

1.  I have been reading an interesting book.  The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning.  It's not as creepy as it sounds.  The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning by Margareta Magnusson.  It's not at all creepy or sad.  It's about 'How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter' with a focus on doing it for your family so they don't have to do after you die.  Lots of good thoughts and bits of humor.  I liked this quote: "There must be something wrong with the way I have organized my home if I have to continually mess up the place that I originally worked so hard to decorate and keep orderly."

2.  Fresh tomato sauce.  Yum! Our neighbor gifted us several tomatoes, so The Professor cut them up and added some fresh basil from our garden.  It smelled heavenly as it cooked.  I'm thankful both for the gift of the tomatoes and the sauce they produced.

3.  On Saturday,  I attended a tea party to celebrate the ninety-third (sshhh!) birthday of a neighbor.  It was so much fun, and World's Best Neighbor was there, too. The tea shop provides fancy hats and you get to choose the one you want to wear.  I couldn't decide.  Which one do you like?

4.  Fall weather.  The temperatures have cooled down some (not like in Montana or Canada!) and during our evening walks, we have donned our light jackets.  I know we will get some hot weather and wind (those Santa Ana winds!), but for now, I am thankful for the almost perfect weather.

5.  My granddaughter ZG's thirteenth birthday was this week.   She is growing so tall.  She loves little children.  She actually called me on her birthday!  She's enjoying school (I'm getting As, Meema! she said).  

I've had a great first week of October!  How about you?


Faith said...

Your granddaughter is beautiful!! Happy birthday to her!

I LOVE the 2nd hat!!!!! You look great!

Yay for autumn temps!

I wore a jacket to work for the first time this school year. Was glad i had it as the wind on the playground was chilly!!

Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

Well - the information sounds interesting, but the title of that book is creepy. :-) If you're asking for votes, I like the first hat better!! :-) --Ann

Karen said...

I like both of the hats! The second one looks so pretty with your dress, and the first is rather jaunty!

That book sounds interesting. (The quote is spot on). I have to admit that sometimes when I'm decluttering, the thought of doing it for my kids "later on" encourages me to keep going(l.

Happy Birthday to your granddaughter! (I like your "grandma name". Meema is so sweet.)

Mereknits said...

You look adorable in both hats. I need to buy that book because as I look around my house I have a clutter problem. Love your grandkids photo, and Happy Birthday to the birthday girl.

Wendy said...

I think I prefer the first hat - you look more relaxed in that photo. Strange title for a book but I can empathise with the concept. I think we need to be more open about dying and what we would like to happen to our stuff after our death. It's impossible not to have possessions that our kids will need to sort and dispose of but if we've made it clear what should happen to them (even if it's only to say take it all to charity shops or the rubbish tip) it will be make it easier on them. Belated birthday wishes to your granddaughter.

Susan @ FruitfulWords said...

Happy belated birthday to your granddaughter. How fun that she called you on her big day.
Our evenings are cooling down, too. Last week we even had a tornado in a town (Davis) 20 minutes away. California is not supposed to get tornadoes.
Fresh tomato sauce is so yummy. What a treat when friends gift you homegrown tomatoes and then your husband makes up the sauce.
I like Seeing you in both hats. Which one did you end up wearing for the evening? Having a Tea is a fun way to celebrate a birthday.
Have a good week.
Susan from FruitfulWords

Susanne said...

Happy belated birthday to your beautiful granddaughter! How fun that she called you! The tea party sounds fun and a great way to have a birthday celebration. What a yummy blessing those tomatoes are.

Gattina said...

What a nice birthday ! Without any doubt I prefer the hat in the first picture ! Makes you looking young !

Barbara Harper said...

We had three days of record-high temperatures last week. It's *finally* down to the 70s today, and feels so nice!

I love hats and wish people wore them more often! I like both of those.

It's so nice to receive gifts of someone else's bounty.

Belated happy birthday to your granddaughter!

ellen b. said...

I like both hats, too. How nice to be able to celebrate that milestone birthday at a tea. Your grands are all getting tall!!

Anonymous said...

I saw that book in the book store a few months back and had to laugh. It absolutely described my dear mother’s activities during the last few years of her life. Mary

A Joyful Cottage said...

October's beyond half over and finally we have some cooler weather. We actually donned our fleece this morning before heading out the door to do some shopping. Still, it's 83 degrees as I write this at 3:00 PM. Much better than triple digits! I like the hat in the first photo. It's jaunty and fun, and I think it suits you. Happy belated birthday to your granddaughter. They grow up so fast, don't they? I had to laugh at the title of the book, and then appreciate her philosophy on decluttering. When I purged our home when we left Oregon my son heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thanks, mom!" I knew what he was thinking. . .that he wouldn't have to mess with all that stuff should I journey home to the Lord. Now the challenge is not to replace all that "stuff" in our new digs. Take care, my friend. Hugs, Nancy