Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Photos to Cheer You Up

Here at Willow's Cottage, we have been staying home.  The corona virus has necessitated that.  So I have been focusing on all the things that make me happy here at home.  Enjoy them with me!

Birthday pie.
I much prefer a good pie to any cake.

Flowers in my garden

The monarch caterpillars are chewing away at the milkweed, getting long and chubby.  They are about ready to spin their cocoons and undergo metamorphosis to become magnificent monarch butterflies.

This bunny was left in the garden by the former owners of the cottage.  No, he's not real.  He's a small statue.  I have adopted him, and he will be moving with us to our new garden.

And finally, a blankie and a book.


Wendy said...

Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing.

ellen b. said...

Such an interesting time in our lives and a great time to continue blogging and connecting with friends around the world!

Gracie Saylor said...

Hi Willow! In sunny delightful weather, I just got back from walking the loop in our condo complex. I so enjoyed admiring some of your hiking territory in your posts I just caught up on. Yes, we recently got a tiny bit of snow that was beautiful while it fell and it immediately melted so driving in our neighborhood was not a problem. My schedule has totally changed. I now have plenty of time to type a book, knit, crochet, quilt, or paint with watercolors. However, as a facilitator for several small groups of women at church, I have spent my time this week calling, texting or emailing the ladies as our groups met at the church facility which is now closed. Via an app called Zoom some of the 18 women who attend the Wednesday morning group knitting/crocheting blankets for babies in a local NICU were able to meet online. I was involved in arranging that although I thankfully 😃got help on the phone from an energetic gal who just turned 40. I turned 69 on February 17!😮Happy Birthday to you March 17🎶My last living uncle turns 100 March 20. I was supposed to fly to Burbank this week and then to Boston with my sister and two nieces to help him celebrate. He had fallen a few weeks ago and is doing well in rehab but is not allowed visitors so we changed our travel plans and I am busy at home and grateful the Lord allows us to encourage one another through our tech sources. Thanks for visiting me through One Saylor's Log. ❤️🙏🧶

Deb said...

Looks like you are staying positive and looking for the good in these uncertain times. God bless. Stay well.

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