Friday, June 26, 2020


I know that I love summer.  Here in coastal Southern California, we usually have those June Gloom foggy mornings and then sun in the afternoons.  I love early summer here!  Somehow, no matter what is happening, I am happy in the summer.  And it makes it easier for me to find my FRIDAY FAVE FIVES.  Follow the link to join in and read what people around the world are thankful for.

1.  Dining in.  For the first time in how long?  We dined in at our favorite restaurant!  Yummy burritos and the BEST salsa verde!

2.  After taking our house off market for a bit (thanks to  pandemic stuff), we are back on market and hoping to move forward to sell our house.

3.  I 'rediscovered' a t-shirt that is in my shirt drawer.  I hadn't worn it for awhile, and when I pulled it out and read the front, it made me smile and giggle a little.  Who doesn't love a t-shirt that says,

Ye not in the affairs of
Dragons for
Ye are
crunchy and good
with Catsup!

4.  Today is The Professor's birthday!  We are celebrating quietly.  All he wanted was a razzleberry pie from Marie Callender's.  One of my favorite photos of him is this one which I snapped as he was sitting on the porch steps of our bush house in the interior of West Papua, Indonesia--a long time ago.

5.  And today is also my mother's birthday.  Were she still on earth, we would be celebrating her ninety-eighth birthday.  I know she is much happier where she is in heaven, but we still miss her.  My brother called me earlier today and we reminisced about our wonderful mom.  I don't have many photos of my mom from her early years--this one was taken during World War II when she was a young woman.

Happy SUMMER to you all!  Let's find the blessings in this sunny season!


Wendy said...

Well it's a good day to have a birthday lol. Mine today too and it was also my Dad's birthday. Sadly my parents, my Mum's sisters and their husbands are all now deceased but I like to think of them all together having a party today. I hope you have some luck with selling your house. It's still a tricky time but we're hopeful our sale and purchase will go ahead even if it does take a little longer than usual. No eating out for us yet here. Things will be easing next week but I think we'll be waiting a bit longer before we venture too far from home.

Barbara Harper said...

Happy birthday to your husband! How lovely to reminiscence about your mom. That's a nice picture of her. Funny about the tee shirt. I hope your house sells soon!

Elizabethd said...

Your mum looks a lovely lady.

Karen said...

Such a beautiful photo of your mom. She's very pretty.

Funny saying on your tee! It's nice to find something old that feels 'new.'

Best of luck selling your house.

Faith said...

Your mom looks so classy and pretty!

Your tee shirt reminds me of ksme of the ones my oldest daughter has.

Happy birthday to your husband! That's a cool pic of him !

Happy know i Love it!!

Deb said...

Good luck with selling your home. I hope you like your new location. Happy birthday to your husband and your mom in heaven. My mom's 100th birthday will be July 12. She is in heaven too. Have a great weekend. :-)

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Happy birthday to your mum and your husband. I hope you sell your house quickly. Have a wonderful week.

Mereknits said...

So much to be thankful for, a loving and wonderful Mother is a true gift.

Susanne said...

That t-shirt saying made me laugh right out loud. Happy birthday to your hubby and your mom in heaven. Praying your home sells quickly now.

ellen b. said...

Funny t-shirt for sure. It's one Katie would appreciate!


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