Friday, August 12, 2022

Moving Along in August

 Good Friday Evening!  What a week.  But here I am, finally relaxing a bit and reflecting on the blessing of the week.  Here are my Friday Fave Fives. (follow the link to join)

1.  My younger daughter had major surgery on Tuesday.  I drove her to the hospital at Oh Dark Thirty and sat all morning in the 'atrium' waiting room for her surgery to be finished and stayed until .  Good news is that surgery was successful.

2.  On Wednesday, I returned to the hospital to get her checked out and brought to our home to recuperate.  Her son, Little Warrior, missed her so much that he has been staying with us too.  I'm thankful we have room for them both to stay.

3.  Older Daughter has purchased a new house.  She closed TODAY!

4.  We. Have. Hot. Water.  Yay!  Our realtor suggested a plumber and within a few hours, he came to the house, checked his warehouse, and installed the new water heater!

5.  I have been enjoying cutting some flowers and putting them in little vases.  Daisies and zinnias, mostly.  Do I have photos?  No, not yet.  That's how crazy this week has been.  I haven't even taken a photo...

But I am still thankful for hot water, for my daughter's health and so many people praying for her and checking in on how she is doing.  Her co workers even sent a bouquet of flowers!


Susanne said...

I'm glad your daughter's surgery went well and that you are able to help her recuperate. That is such a blessing! Congrats on your other daughter's home purchase. That is exciting. And yes yay for hot water and a good plumber. I love daisies and zinnias, they are a "happy" flower and always make me smile!

ellen b. said...

Sweet Little Warrior at his mama's side. It's good to be able to help. Our DIL had to have emergency gallbladder surgery last Friday and we've been on call to help with some full days and half days on the day of surgery and during recovery at home. Good to be close enough to our kids to help in these times of need. Hooray for hot water!! Is daughter's house closer or farther from you?

Wendy said...

Glad to hear your daughter's surgery went well and that you are able to help our with her recovery/having your grandson. Yay for hot water! Although at the moment I'm enjoying cool showers in our current heatwave. Enjoy the rest of your weekend - hope you're not getting too worn out with the nursing/caring duties.

Barbara Harper said...

I'm so glad your daughter's surgery went well and hopes she has a good and speedy recovery. It's nice her son can be there as she recuperates. Yay for older daughter's new house and hot water for yours!

Faith said...

I'm thankful your daughter's surgery went well and you can help out!
YAY for hot water...a true blessing.
and yay for flowers!!

Faith said...

ps....I saw your comment on my FFF. Whelp: the headache is back. Every day so far since Sunday. UGH. Just still trying to trust God to deal with this.